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    Pat I appreciate your response but which one do you think would help the most the Ole or Cytolog. I started Ole about 6 weeks ago, I herxed only a few days and stayed at 300 mg. I actually did start feeling better for a few weeks. I added Cytolog and only took it 3 times and once a day. The acheyness started about a week ago and I haven't had much of the Ctyolog in my system so I'm not sure if its even connected. I CAN tell you I'm not a water drinker you think this could be doing it, plus i'm takine 2000mg of Bromelain a day for months now could that cause it to?
    Thanks for any suggestions. I'm starting my water now and presently not taking either waiting to hear your imput as to what might help the most. My energy level has been down for months. I swear I have CFS along with the fibro. I'm going to tell you what I take faithfully so you can give me your advice.

    Cat's Claw 2,000mg twice a day (Immune system)
    Bromelain 2,000mg " " "
    COQ 10 100mg twice a day (a smoker here)
    digestive enzymes twice a day (empty stomach)
    B-complex 100 2 x day
    biflavanoids 1000 mg 2 x
    Vit C 2,000mg 2 x
    Pathothenic acid 1000mg 2 x
    Cal/mag 1 x
    garlic 1,000 mg 2 x
    just started the red yeast & OMega 3 for cholesterol been high 257 trying to stay away from the statins. I think thats about it. Thanks again!!! Anyone else can put there two cents in LOL I'll take any suggestions on supplements and there reactions..


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    Cytolog would be the better option right now, you don`t seem to herx on this and it`s a wonderfully different feeling of well being & energy. It does something OLE can`t and that`s reprogram the cells.

    What you are taking is absolutely fine, - good choice. Garlic and Berberine have antiviral/bacterial qualities, as well as the Cytolog, so plenty of ammo there anyway.

    Garlic and Digestive Enzymes should help with the cholestrol, and the Omega 3s will help dissolve the cholestrol coating the cells as well as help with hormone balance.

    Only addition I can suggest is Sea Salt 1/4 tsp a day - not table salt, and magnesium with calcium & Zinc, and try eating as much raw food as possible.

    Keep at it, i`m not an expert at this and I hope someone else has some useful info for you too, but i`m hopeful you will see some improvement soon.

    Love Pat.
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    supps health programme but we can learn from each other on this board. To ensure absorption of Mg it needs to be taken well away form any Ca supplement or food. I get around this by taking Ca am then Mg afternoon, evening and in ZMA at night. Make sure Mg levels at 2/3 of Ca level.

    With all you are taking you really must drinks lots of water. Tha achyness could well be toxins, die off, +++ and you need to flush these out. I carry water with me all the time and just keep having small but regular drinks. Take sea salt as Pat recommended too, especially in this hot weather, you need to flush out the baddies and have enough H20 for your body too.


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    I take the Cytolog twice a day, four pumps in the morning well before I eat or drink, and again at night just before bed - can`t forget then. I also hold in the mouth for as long as I can, longer than the recommended 20 seconds.

    Tansy is right, the lack of fluid will not have helped.
    Apart from that, if you can drink up to 2 litres a day, it will definately make a difference in how you feel anyway. I know this for myself and my daughter.

    Are your Omega 3s Flaxseed Oil? It`s top of my list.

    By the way, CFS becomes Fibro - because if CFS goes untreated, multiple viral/bacterial infections set in and cause the awful additional pain and diseases. So you have Fibro.

    Hope i`ve been a help.

    Love Pat.
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    Thanks for the input, very much appreciated...