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    I've pretty much been on a depressed treatment hiatus this past year or so...overdoing it trying to get through school and not doing much else...but with the new year I've gotten a new burst of "you're too young to give up get your life in order and become functional again!" energy...

    so I've been thinking of seeing Dr. Podell...but in looking up old posts here I've read a lot about how he's a very nice and very informed doctor (which of course is ridiculously necessary when you're dealing with this kind of thing) but... I didn't notice anyone saying if he helped them to improve at all?

    So I guess my question is...for those of you who are or have been patients of his...have you improved? By a lot? A little? Etc. Thanks in advance!

  2. vickiw

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    Hi Whitney,

    I was a patient of Dr. Podell's for quite a while (off and on). I have only ME/CFS. He did not help my condition at all, and in fact, his emphasis on exercise made me worse. He treats ME/CFS basically as a stress related fatigue, although he's aware that there's more to it.

    On the plus side, he was much more thorough than my PCP in looking for other possible problems and was willing to try a much larger array of treatments. He spends a lot more time with his patients than most doctors and keeps extensive notes. This was very helpful when it came time to go out on disability. He's very good with dealing with that aspect.

    In the end, he was honest and told me he had nothing more to offer me (we had tried various treatments and medications). He gave me the number of a disability lawyer. He also told me that he had more success in treating FM than he did with ME/CFS. He left the door open by saying that if I read about any treatment I wanted to try, to come back and let him know. He is always willing work with his patients, within reason.

    The last time I saw him (I think July 2007) to get a letter for disability, he offered me the option of going on Valcyte. My blood tests came back negative, so I decided against it.
  3. aftermath

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    My expereince with Dr. Podell is much like others have described. While he was unable to help me, he did try his best and left open the door of willingness to work with me if I wanted to try something else in the future. I did, however, pull away when he tried to push me toward CBT.

    The bottom line here is that I have been reading this forum for over a year and have yet to see anything more than a random post from someone saying that any of these doctors brought them 85% to recovery.

    The reason is that as willing as they are to help, noone currently know what we are dealing with. Until more research is done, it will continue to stay that what.

    This is why I urge everyone here to become a member of the CFIDS organization so we can lobby TOGETHER for more funding.

    The way the traditional medical establishment has treated us, you would think that this would be the most cohesive patient group in the world ("You take on one of us, you take on all.").

    Instead, less than 2% of diagnosed patients belong to any advocacy group. I know money is tough with our reduced ability to work.

    Still, the only way people here will see consistent and reliable recovery is through research.
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    Hi Whitney -
    Iam so sorry that you feel this way at such a young age. It is just not fair - for any of us!
    I too live in NJ and have considered going to see Dr Podell. I had to run through all the required test 1st before my GP and Infectious Disease Drs would even consider that I have a Immune deficiency disorder/FM. In fact, I just got a final send off from my Infectiouse Disease Dr yesterday - saying that he has know where else to turn re test or idea for my cure - and he said that I should consider going to see Dr Podell....hmmm! So my next steps are:
    Hormone Specialist, food Allergies...and then I will see him. In the mean time I am working with my Chiro on a Nutrition program - The Quantum Nutrient Effect - Dr Marshall. While I still have a low grade fever and flare ups - my enegery level has improved significantly! I was a 10% in September - before I started and it is at 90% now - so that is a major benefit. After constant research on this DD - one thing that sticks out it that the food we eat and the nutrition that we take in has a MAJOR effect on our wellbeing. There may never be a total cure for this disease, but we can minimize it by take care in what we put into our bodies...No Sugar!!!! No Soda, Eat Raw as much as possible, no wheat, No meat, no dairy....if you remove these things from your diet you WILL feel better....

    I know I did not answer your question re Dr Podell...but from what I read...I do not think he has the magic cure and will cost you $$$ in the quest to find out.

    Good luck on your journey!!!

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