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    hi there! I went to Peiffer treatment center about a year ago- they rxed supplements that contain methionine (1000mg a day) and some other plain old vits and minerals. I AM feeling susbstantially better, and functioning better too. (i have had a fairly bad case of cfs for many years).

    what do you think of methionine supplements for helping with methylation? (not for my case in particular, but in generall for cfs patients?

    thanks for helping us cfsers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi, bigmama2.

    You're very welcome!

    I'm glad to hear that the Pfeiffer center was able to help you.

    I think that some methionine can be beneficial for CFS patients in general, but I prefer that the Vitamin Diagnostics methylation pathways panel be run first to see if there is a partial block in the methylation cycle. If there is, then I recommend that the person, together with their physician, consider treatment to lift the methylation cycle block.

    If there is a partial methylation cycle block, I think that giving methionine by itself is sort of a stop-gap measure, because it doesn't deal with the root issue, which is that the enzyme methionione synthase is partially blocked. By taking additional methionine, rather than lifting the block so that the methionine can be recycled normally, a person is helping their methylation capacity on a temporary basis, but not correcting the glutathione depletion problem, and not breaking the vicious circle mechanism that makes CFS chronic. So I don't think this will lead to a cure, though it might improve the quality of life while doing it.

    Note that there is a small amount of methionine in Dr. Yasko's multi, which is part of the simplified treatment approach for lifting the partial methylation cycle block.

    Best regards,

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    thanks alot for your reply. i appreciate it!

    at PTC they ran blood work, and interpreted results (high histamine, high homocystine, cant remember what else)to mean that i am "undermethylating".

    the supps i take from them also contain b12 (methylcobalamin 10% 2000mcg)

    so i guess it could be the b12 that helps me, or the methionine, or the combination of the two.

    by the way, the supps do not contain folate.

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