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    I had started your simplified protocol around March 2007 and saw some initial success, followed by enough setback to abandon the protocol. I still feel it brought my thyroid back online, but unfortunately I had a LARGE retrosternal goiter causing trachael obstruction which I had out in November 2007. I had a 25 year history of thyroid issues, starting with Hyperthyroid, later Hypothyroid and Hoshimotos. I really feel my thyroid could have healed/been saved if I could have continued with the Methylation unblocking protocol and IF I could have been able to breath well enough to wait out the healing period.

    I also have a STRONG history of pesticide exposure, having lived LITERALLY 4 feet from a pesticide company from birth to age 18. Daughter had these poisons passed on prenatally and through breast milk, and was exposed to some flea foggers early in her life, before I was aware of the dangers of these.

    My daughter (age 25) and previously dx. with Fibro in her early teens, but now robustly healthy for past 8+ years, was just found to have highly elevated Thyroid Antibodies. She is seeing her GYN tomorrow for follow-up/treatment.

    Do you have any theory on how/if/why Glutathione Depletion may be related to Thyroid Antiboidies or Thyroid Receptor Antibodies? I'm not sure which test she had done yet.

    Thank you for any insight you can offer.

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    Hi, elliespad.

    Yes, I well remember your experience with the goiter and the methylation cycle block treatment. I'm glad that your daughter has been healthy for a long time.

    Yes, as usual, I do have a theory! (;-) Actually, I am borrowing most of this from a person named Duthoit, who published this hypothesis, but not associated with CFS. It goes like this:

    As you know, I believe that the core of the biochemical abnormalities in most cases of CFS is the combination of glutathione depletion and a partial block in the methylation cycle.

    The thyroid gland normally produces hydrogen peroxide for use in the reactions it carries out to make thyroid hormones. Specifically, it uses hydrogen peroxide to oxidize iodide ions in order to make T4 and T3. The hydrogen peroxide reaction is normally carried out on the outer surface of the thyroid cell membranes, because hydrogen peroxide is very oxidizing, and the inside of the cells must be maintained in a more chemically reduced state in order to carry on the rest of their metabolism properly. Normally the thyroid cells are protected from any hydrogen peroxide that diffuses back into the cells by having enough glutathione to carry out the glutathione peroxidase reaction.

    O.K., in CFS there is usually glutathione depletion. When glutathione becomes depleted in the thyroid cells, the cells no longer have their normal protection against the hydrogen peroxide they make themselves. Some of it diffuses back into the cells, and it reacts with various substances there, including proteins such as thyroglobulin. These reactions change the structure of these proteins, so that when they get outside the cell, they appear to the immune system as foreign substances. The immune system therefore responds with an autoimmune attack on the thyroid, and that is Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

    If this is true, it should be possible to stop this autoimmune response and to restore the thyroid to normal operation by raising the glutathione levels in the thyroid cells to normal. This appears to be happening with the methylation cycle block treatment, at least in several people. Several have reported that as soon as one day after starting the treatment, they have no longer needed to use supplemental thyroid hormones, and in fact, if they continued to use them, they experienced symptoms of hyPERthyroidism: rapid heart beat, sweating, inability to sleep. So I think this hypothesis is likely to be true.

    I hope things go well for your daughter, and for you!

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    You are always so willing to help everyone here. Thank you so much. My guess is that her Dr. will want to treat with Synthroid or Armour (which I prefer). I would guess that using the 5 supplements to lift the methylation block should take care of the problem without treating with thyroid hormone? I know you're not a Dr. and can't recommend treatment but REALLY value your opinion.

    Thank you again.

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