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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by loto, Mar 11, 2009.

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    Hi Satchya. I saw your reply to a post from sweetblvr. You mentioned gabapentin is helping you with your pain, along with 10 mg vicodin. What is gabapentin?
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    Gabapentin is an anti-seizure medication, but it is also prescribed for nerve pain and off-label prescribed for fibromyalgia.

    It has helped a lot. Actually, about a week and a half ago, I noticed I had gained about 5 pounds in the two-ish months I've been taking it, so I took myself off of it. Bad idea. I ended up in a really bad flare. Once I started taking it again a couple of days ago, I started coming out of the flare, but I'm still somewhat in it.

    I work out at the gym a lot, so I am very aware of my weight (by nature I am very competitive, and I just 'knew' everyone else was looking at me noticing the weight gain). lol Oh well. Hopefully the weight gain will level off soon, because I don't want to go without gabapentin again. For now, it is a lifesaver.