Question for Sophiaz about Dysautonomia

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Risk, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Risk

    Risk New Member

    Hi Sophia. Hope you are doing well. I have a question that
    I'm sure you will have the answer to. Ok, so I flunked the
    tilt table test. Yes, at rest sometimes my b/p is quite low
    but however, at times during the day when I'm moving about
    it jumps up to like 130/75. My main problem is the heart rate.
    While standing, it's usually 100 but as soon as I sit down it
    can go down 20 points in a matter of seconds, which means it
    goes up that quickly as well. My cardio (EP) has discussed the
    possibility of adding Pindolol 2.5 mg daily (beta blocker) but
    I'm hesistant because I haven't done well with them in the past.
    I've been on Atenolol, Corgard and Metoprolol. They leave me
    feeling majorly depressed (which I am already), freezing cold
    extremities and a feeling of unwell. He still insists on adding
    salt but I'm afraid it will skyrocket my b/p. Also, when my heart
    rate is up, that's when the palps kick in! Grrr.

    How can I be dysautonomic and not have incredibly low pressu
    I mean it does drop a bit when I stand but not constantly.
    I'm so confused!

    Thanks for your help and explanation. Oh one other thing, the nausea, common???

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  2. toddm

    toddm New Member

    Hey Rene, once again we have the same things going's too funny. In the last 6 months my blood pressure has also been going up. I had a possitive TTT also with only the increased heart rate. I'm hoping to have better luck with the beta blocker because my BP isn't real low, but we'll see how it goes. Good luck with your next drugs, I hope you feel better.
  3. Risk

    Risk New Member

    I wouldn't wish this on anyone. And it seems that it's brought out terrible anxiety. Grrr. Which beta are you on? I'm trying to hold off because I really think I need to be back on an anti-depressant but not sure if the anxiety if from everything I've been through or the change in the heart rate.

    Never a dull moment with these ailments.

    Take care!


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