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    Spacee I have been on Immune c for three weeks and feel sicker, which I hope is a good sign ( I feel much worse) .
    How long does the feeling worse part of this last before you can expect to notice improvement? I guess the TF is doing something powerful as my symptoms are much worse. I am looking forward to better days and hanging on to hope. Would appreciate anything you can share.
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    It does sound like you are having the "immune response" but mine have never lasted more than a few days. Personally, I would cut back on the TF. In fact, I would stop taking it until I felt better. Then take one, wait until I felt better,then take another one. Repeating this until the immune response days were less and less. If this doesn't work, you might have to take the less powerful plain colostrum (they sell that at this site).

    I wish we had more info in the library on how these TF's can work and react. It would help us alot.

    The above it just my opinion and others may have better ideas.

    A gentle hug,

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    Dear Ann

    1. The symptoms for Mycoplasma infection can be similar to the viral ones. In my case they include arthritis, muscle pains/spasms/twitching, dizziness, neck pain, brain fog -this is the main ones.

    2. I don't know what is your case but in my case when something is working I am usually sweating at night and then feel better, not worse. Of course it can vary for everybody but I don't think That Herx reaction should last for a long time.