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    Good morning to you Stormyskye.

    I have a question about the whey in the "shake". I know you answered it on the other thread, but wanted to ask it apart from that one.

    I haven't been able to eat any type of dairy for years (or wheat) and I use soy in place of dairy. I had a blood test done for food allergies a few years back and whey was one of the ones that showed positive for allergic reaction. Prior to this test, I used to "test" myself and try different foods to see what would happen - even ones that I KNEW I could no longer have, but just wanted to test the waters - wasn't a good idea.

    The shake really sounds like it would be good to try. I like the natural approach to everything. By any chance do you know if I could replace a soy based protein powder in place of the whey? I'm sure the whey is a key ingrediant, but just want to know what you think or steer me in the direction to find out.

    I appreciate your knowledge and all of your posts!

    Thanks a bunch!
  2. RockiAZ

    RockiAZ New Member

    Thank you very much for such a quick response!

    What made my jaw drop is when I read the Leaky Gut Syndrome part as I was diagnosed with that by a naturopathic doc I seen several years ago, and THAT is what started the ball rolling on testing for food allergies. Guess I will try the rice milk and see if it makes a difference on how I feel.

    I will try the shake without the whey and will let you know how it goes after a bit.

    Thank you again - you're the best! (insert big smile here)

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