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    I was just reading a thread where people were commenting on which they liked best, their scooter or powerchair. I am wondering if anyone who is using either of these has been to an FFC? I fear I am inches away from needing a wheelchair full time, and have JUST started with FFC. (FIBRO AND FATIGUE CLINIC)

    I am hoping (really HARD) that I will see improvement. Just am wondering if any of you have gone that route and not gotten the improvement you wished for.
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    I'm not sure what FFC refers to, but I used a scooter for 17 years and started using a power wheelchair about six months ago. So I have experience with both kinds of equipment.

    I didn't really want the power chair at first because my scooter was pretty maneuverable, had lots of places where I could carry things (baskets in front and back and room on the scooter floorboard). My scooter also had a seat lift feature and fold-out footrests, all of which was great at holiday shopping time. I could raise the scooter seat, put my feet on the footrests, and put the things I wanted to buy in a handle-type basket resting on the floor of the scooter, underneath my legs. The scooter also was easy to "drive," using bicycle-like handlebars rather than a joystick.

    I was very nervous about using the joystick on my power chair at first, and it's taken some getting used to. But I do pretty well now. (At least I don't bang into furniture and walls much anymore. [;-)] )

    My new power chair has a mid-wheel drive, which gives it a *great* turning radius--19.5 inches! I can get around in much tighter spots now than I could in my scooter.

    There are a lot of things to consider in looking at scooters and wheelchairs. Unfortunately, the company that made my scooter went out of business, and when I was researching current scooter models (I had asked my neurologist for a new scooter when I learned that mine couldn't be repaired--not for a power chair), I couldn't find any that had the features that made my old scooter so good (things like good maneuverability and enough power to go up hills or inclines when I'm out and about).

    It was my occupational therapist who requested the power wheelchair. I didn't even realize that until somebody called to tell me what my co-payment would be.

    My wheelchair has a captain's-chair seat (also called van seating), rather than the traditional type of sling wheelchair seat. It looks kind of like a scooter without a front end. One problem I had was figuring out how/where I could carry the things I needed to have with me, including a cane. With traditional weelchairs, the push handles are generally used to hang bags on. But my wheelchair doesn't have push handles. (I did find one company that makes bags that will work with van seating, but I was able to rig up something myself.)

    Fortunately, my wheelchair *does* have a headrest. I use the steel supports of the headrest to hang some things on, and I now can carry most of what I need just as well as I could with the scooter. Shopping is still a challenge, but I'm sure I'll figure that out eventually, too.

    If your choice is between a manual wheelchair and a scooter, though, and if you have FMS or CFS, I strongly recommend the scooter. It takes a *lot* of energy and strength to push a manual wheelchair in most places. You probably will need the power.

    Sorry if I'm just repeating things that already were said in the thread you were referring to. I haven't been visiting/participating in this group as much lately as I used to do, and I didn't see that thread.

    If you have any specific questions about wheelchairs vs. scooters, I would be happy to answer as best I can.

    By the way, I used the scooter and now use the wheelchair because of my multiple sclerosis, not because of my fibromyalgia (which was diagnosed much later).

    --Laura R.M.

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    Ya interested to hear too

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