question for those on stimulant medication

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  1. isiselixir

    isiselixir New Member

    Which stimulant are you on and what is your dose?
  2. cfsgeorge

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    I use a short-acting adderall very sparingly about 1X every 1-2weeks for the orthostatic intolerance(OI) on a good day for important appointments or occasions. I use 10mg only in the morning or noon time so that it doesn't interfere with sleep at night. Otherwise i never use it when i'm just crashed and laying down all day because the side effects of rapid heartbeat, fast breathing, and increased anxiety are not worth it IME!
  3. lkraft

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    I take 1/2 of a Provigil which I believe is 100mg. I do not feel refreshed, but it gives me enough energy to stay out of the bed. I have to take ibuprofen with it or it will give me a pretty bad headache.
  4. hermitlady

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    I take Dexedrine ER, 30mg a day. Sometimes I will still take Provigil to give myself a break from the Dex (the effectiveness of stims usually lessens after you take it for a long time).

    The Dex gives me more physical energy and reduces my aching pain. I can still sleep while taking it, sometimes I still need a nap. I also have found that I sleep much better at night.

    Provigil is more of a mental stim for me and I cannot nap while on it. Also, I can't take it past 3pm or so because it will interfere w my nightime sleep. Yes, it also gives me headaches sometimes and nausea if I haven't taken it in awhile.

    Depending on what I have going on during the day, I'll split my doses up morn/afternoon or take them all at once around noon. I'm such a slow mover early in the day that sometimes nothing seems to help during the first 4 hrs of my day, I tend to be more of a late day/night person.

    Just so you know, there are several stims available and they all react a bit differently. I tried a couple others before sticking w Dex ER, I think the ER is much more subtle and better for my system. Also, my insurance covers it w a $10 copay. I have to get a new rx every month from my doc because it's a controlled drug, no refills allowed.

    Provigil was the first thing I tried, and I took it regularly for almost 2 yrs (then it kind of quit working). It was so expensive that I ordered off the internet to get generic since my ins wouldn't cover it. There isn't a generic (Modafinil) Provigil avail in the US yet, my doc suggested ordering from Canada and I found a good pharmacy online who I faxed my rx to.

    Hope you find one that helps you. Many drs won't rx stims due to the addictive nature of the drug, but my doc believes in improving the quality of my life (he is a wonderful, understanding doctor).

    Good luck.......Hermit
  5. isiselixir

    isiselixir New Member

    The reason I ask is because I am currently taking 200mg provigil in the morning but it seems to not be working as well as it used to. I am thinking of trying adderall or adding more mgs of provigil. I don't want to take a too high dose if it is not safe though. I was just curious if anyone was on a higher dose than I or if anyone is taking multiple stimulants.