**Question for those who have done/taken Liver Detox??**

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    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Did it cause you to have stomach cramps??

    I have noticed sence beginning the Liver Cleanse, I'm having stomach cramps! Also causing me to wake up several times during the night cramping...Which is not good for me, sence it takes so long to get to sleep to begin with.

    Just curious if you had any problems at all while doing a Liver Detox..

    I'm taking Liver Cleanse Formula by Nature's Sunshine, 450mg per capsule, was told to take it 3x a day, until I finish this one bottle of 100 capsules.(A Liver Cleanse,Nourishes Gastrointestinal Tract, Detoxifies Liver)

    Thanks for all replys...will check back later this evening for responses.

  2. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    (Never been a big fan of Nature's Sunshine! Sorry!) I have found that liver cleanses occasionally will include bowel stimulants like cascara sagrada- can cause MAJOR cramping. Even some of the better formulas that contain a lot of "bitters" to stimulate the livers natural cleansing process can create an uncomfortable cramping in sensitive persons.

    My absolute favorite liver cleanse (literally saved my life!) is by Eclectic Institute- it is called Vita Lipotropic, and can be found in many healthfood stores. It is a very balanced and supportive formula, with Milk Thistle and dandelion, Choline and Inositol and other cleansing/ supportive vitamins and herbs for the liver. A good cleanse supports the kidneys as well, b/c their "load" will be increased as the liver clears out. That is why dandelion is such a great addition to any liver cleanse- not only does it's bitter quality help stimulate the liver, but it also has properties that help to support kidney elimination.

    If your cramps are high in the upper right quadrant of your abdomen, it could also be that the detoxification itself is straining your liver/ gall bladder. In that case, take it slower and ease into it. Make sure that your diet is not undoing what you are doing. But if it is all-over cramping, check the formula you are using for bowel stimulants.

    Good Luck!

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I think, I may just stop it for a couple of days and start again maybe easing into it...See how that goes.

    I wasen't even thinking about it at the time...But I think, I hit it pretty hard with 3x a day at 450mg per capsule(recommended)....if there is still cramping, then I'll try a different one.

    Lollieboo...No problem with Natures Sunshine not being your Fav....This is the first time I have every taken anything by Natures Sunshine myself...The cramping im having is more like all over stomach cramping.

    This is a list of whats in this Liver Detox:

    Red Beet Root
    Dandelion Root
    Parsley Leaves
    Horsetail Stems & Strobilus
    Yellow Dock Root
    Black Cohosh Root
    Birch Leaves
    Blessed Thistle Aerial Parts
    Angelica Root
    Chamomile Flowers
    Gentian Root
    Golden Rod Aerial Parts
    along with...Gelatin & Water

    Thanks Again
  4. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    I agree w/ Stormy that there may just be too many ingredients in that formula to pick out the one that is bothering you most.

    If you are sensitive to it, Black Cohosh Root can cause cramping (esp. uterine), as it is somewhat estrogenic. Lots of bitters in there, but lots of diuretics, too. I like blessed thistle for the liver(and I used it a LOT when I was nursing!), but like Stormy, I think Milk Thistle Seeds are the best liver tonic/ detoxifier. Yellow Dock is a great iron source, blood cleanser and good in a liver cleanse. I notice that many of the herbs in that formula are slightly laxative, diuretic and astringent, so if you are sensitive, it may be best to take it slow.

    What may be happening, and I don't know what your diet has been or what health issues you have, but the liver cleanse you are using is very stimulating- if you have gall stones, kidney stones, or just a sensitive system, it could be over-working it and irritating already-present issues.

    Either way, my approach would be to make sure that your liver is supported with the nutrients it needs, and your kidneys are supported and strengthened before inundating them with an extra load.

    Maybe if you spend a couple of days taking milk thistle all by itself, that would keep you system from being too stressed by your liver cleanse. My approach to eating when on a liver cleanse is to avoid things that are digested/ processed by the liver as much as possible (fats and meats- good fats: EFAs are okay) and eat beets (eat the greens, too if you can find fresh beets w/ the greens still attached!), artichokes, dark green leafy vegetables (bitter- and if you can find fresh dandelion leaves- AWESOME!), and apples, pears and fresh lemons squeezed into water and 100% cranberry juice. Doing as much as you can to support the release of toxins, without overstressing your liver and kidneys may keep you from cramping so much.

    Good luck!

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    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I pasted/copied(& saved) all the good info you gave me, especially of what I should be eating and drinking while detoxing the liver...My diet is far from the greatest, and may have alot to do with why I was cramping as you were saying.

    As far as the duretics, thats actually a good thing for me. I retain alot of fluid, putting on as much as 10 to 15 pounds of fluid everyday.

    I have IBS as well, in which I stay more constipated then any thing. But, I surly dont want to deal with all this painful cramping.

    Tomorrow, I will pick up Just some Milk Thistle and try taking it by itself for a few days, then try again on the liver detox. I dont think, I will take such a high dosage of it this go round. I believe 450mg 3x a day is just to harsh on my kidneys and liver....I do seem to have a senstive stomach. Also, I have had kidney stones in the past as well.

    If I still have cramping after trying this, I will just switch to one of the ones you suggested and like yourself. I definately need to DETOX...I can just imagine all the toxins thats in my body.

    Thanks....You really helped out alot!!

  6. LollieBoo

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    10-15 lbs. in one day! You do have fluid issues! Perhaps some vascular insufficiency? Just a thought, but maybe your vascular and lymphatic systems aren't circulating properly. Does that go away again when you lay down?

    Maybe try dry-brushing as well. Stormy described "bouncing" on another thread- that may help you, too. Remember that your lymphatic system does not have any pumping or circulating methods of its own; it relies on muscular contractions pushing the lymph fluid back up to your heart.

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Yes, it's terriable!! Very uncomfortable and can be painful. I'm so tired of swelling so bad.

    I swell every single day, the longer I sit,stand and walk the worse I swell..I can weigh, in the mornings and go back to weigh in the evening and be 15 pounds heavier, which I can see and feel the fluid. What does help the most, is when I lay down, the longer im laying down the swelling will go down. After many test, docs still can't tell me the real reason for the swelling.

    I have been dealing with this for years. Several years ago they did a Echo0cardigram on my heart. I have had EKG's, 24-hour urine test, tons of blood work, and just a few weeks ago had a ultra sound done on my legs to rule out Blood Clots. I swell the most to my legs and feet...it's horriable.

    Next is a MRI on my legs, because now im having so much pain in my knees as well.

    I will look for that thread that stormy has...Thank You!!

    Hope your having a low-pain day!!


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