Question for those who have FM and Endometriosis

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    I'm just curious about something for those who have both endometriosis and FM. Which diagnosis did you get first? Did you have to figure this out for yourself (like I did) or did your doctor tell you that endometriosis and FM often occur together. I figured out I had endometriosis several years ago and the doctor later confirmed this (with a laparascopy). (This was after years of being told I was born with a too-small bladder and after three bladder surgeries with two different urologists. Getting second opinions doesn't always mean a correct diagnosis I found out).

    I then went to a endo specialist who did another laparascopy on me. I continued to have a lot of pain in areas of my body that didn't seem to fit the endo plus other symptoms. This doctor told me I should just have a hysterectomy and my pain would go away. It didn't seem right to me so I continued my research and decided I had FM when I read that women with endo have a higher risk of developing other diseases such as FM. When I told the endo specialist about this, he said he didn't know anything about FM. I was both surprised and disgusted that a specialist would not even know this fact. I told him that a hysterectomy would not take away the pain from FM. I fired him that day, which I am sure he was glad of. I have found that many doctors don't like patients who do their own research and question things.

    I found an FM specialist and he confirmed the diagnosis after doing other tests to rule out diseases like MS and diabetes.

    So I was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience.

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    I was diagnosed with endo about 15 yrs ago. I went to over 20 doctors until I was diagnosed. had 2 little ones and that was the most depressing, exahusting time in my life. Was in lots of pain from the endo. After the diagnosis I came down with strange muscle/nerve problems and was suspecting I had MS. Well, many moons have passed and now I have fms..which was what I had way back when but no name for the symptoms. I have managed very well for the most part. Elavil was a life saver back than for me. the pain got much better. I just started back on it one month ago. I have 2 daughters so I have tried to educate them about endo because it is genetic. best of luck.