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    Do you have trouble with your mouth drying out when using you c-pap machine? The only info I've been able to find on this says it's because you're sleeping with your mouth open. I know that this is not the case with me. Everytime I wakeup my mouth is shut, and infact its pretty much STUCK shut because its completely dry inside. Also, my sister who lives out of town, has to sleep with me when she comes to visit and stays over night (I have only one bed)and she says she has never seen me sleeping with my mouth open.

    Do you have this drying out problem even without sleeping with mouth open, and if so do you have any ideas for what can be done about it? I'm waking several times a night with this.
  2. barbinindiana

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    Yeah, I've got that, and have always used it.
  3. CAAnnieB

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    I use a CPAP with a humidifier...There is a button on the top which allows a range of settings for the humidity. It took a little trial & error to find just the right setting for me. The setting will also vary depending upon the mask you are using.

    What type of mask do you use?

    Good luck!

  4. barbinindiana

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    I have what I think is a humidifier. It a plastic water resevoir, and the air from the machine passes though this resevoir before going though the tube to the mask. There's no button on it though. I have a gel nose mask I'm trying to use now. I got a pillow mask back in the winter because my nose would get so cold and I thought with the pillow mask I could get my nose warm, but it's so uncomfortable to my nostrils that I'm using the gel one again.
    I really need to be able to use my c-pap machine, because my apnea is so bad that I wake up alot during the night with my air being shut clear off. This really scares me. I've heard about people having heart attacks, strokes, etc. because of sleep apnea, and my bllod pressure is very high.
  5. CAAnnieB

    CAAnnieB New Member

    Hi Again Barb! I really want to be able to help you because I know how frustrating it can be to try to get everything working just right! I went through many masks before finally settling in on my current set-up. It can be very difficult, but with persistance, you should be able to finally fine-tune your set-up!

    My machine is a RemStar/ Auto/CFlex with a humidifier. I have to press and HOLD down a button labelled "HEAT" each night when I'm setting myself up. When a little green light comes on, I know that the humidifier is heating & working. Another button is used to adjust the setting of the humidity. The higher the number selected, the more humidity.

    Do you still have the owner's manual to your machine? You might want to double check to see how you turn on your humidifier. If I didn't turn mine on, it would function without adding humidity...even tho' the water chamber is filled. (I found this out early on...Also, if I get up to pee in the middle of the night & disconnect/ turn off my machine...When I get back into bed, I need to turn the humidifier back on again.)

    As for the masks...I myself have a mouth that pops open immediately upon relaxation! When I tried the full face masks, it wasn't a problem with my mouth being open because the mask sealed down on my chin under my mouth. There were some nights where I swallowed a lot of air, but that got better as time went on. The bad problem I had was that no matter what mask I used, I would develop a sore on my nose. I guess it's just the angle of my face...most of the pressure ended up on the top of my nose! I got a really nasty open sore that has left me with a permanent scar. So no facial masks for me!

    The solution to this problem was to use ResMed's Mirage Swift Nasal Pillows. Yes, I developed nasal irritation from them too. The solution to that was a gel called "Ayr" Saline Nasal Gel. It's made specifically for people on O2 & CPAP therapy! It works great! No sore nostrils! I bought it at our local Long's Pharmacy/ store. It would be tough to find on your own, so best to ask the pharmacy staff if they carry it. I'm so glad I found it as it's made a HUGE difference for me.

    As I mentioned before, my mouth pops open all the time. SO, when I'm using the Nasal Pillows, I need a chin strap to keep my mouth shut! It helps a lot...without it, I would not be able to use the CPAP. As soon as my mouth opens to a certain point, the seal is broken in the system & I am awakened to a loud "Shhhhhhhh....." sound! Very annoying!Thankfully, it doesn't happen all the time...Most nights I don't wake up with it.

    There are different types of Chin Straps too. The one I found to be the best so far is a Tiera Medical Systems Topaz Adjustable Chinstrap.I went through a few super flimsy ones before finding this one.

    I hope that something I've shared will be of help to you. It does take a lot of trial & error to find just the right equipment & settings that work for you. Do you have someone at your sleep clinic or durable med. equipment company who could help brainstorm with you? That's their help you be successful with your CPAP treatment.Hang in there! I hope you find solutions soon.

    Best Wishes for Better Sleep/ Health,
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    Thanks for being so kind as to try and help me. I think you've got a more expensive setup than I have. Mine is a RemStar/Plus. I have a humidifier button, but my insurance wouldn't pay for the haeted humidifier. I just have a water resevoir that I sit on a heat pad that is wrapped in a towel. This is what the homecare service told me to do it. I haven't been to a sleep specialist. My MD ordered my sleep study, and the doctor that read my test resulted order my c-pap machine and equipment.

    I'm thinking maybe I should get an appointment to go in to see him. He may be able to get my insurance to pay for a better outfit for me. I haven't been to a sleep clinic either. I'll check and see if there is one near where I live.

    If all else fails. I'll try a chin strap to use with my nose mask, although I really don't believe I'm sleeping with my mouth open, or get the nasel gel and go back to the nasel pillows.

    Thank you so much for all the help.
  7. but a friend has one and says they are awful to wear the mask. She rarely uses it.
  8. lbuchanan3

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    You really need a heated humidifier to be effective. The cold air, resevoir type does not work. Also check all your meds to make sure none of them might cause dry mouth. God knows we have enough dry mouth issues with FMS to not complicate it with our meds and machines.
  9. barbinindiana

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    If I don't use my cpap, I just have the normal dry eeky bad tasting mouth from being asleep, but if I use my cpap, I wake often with a dry mouth from hell. I've discribed it before as what it would feel like if you came to life after being dead for two days. There is absolutely no moisture what so ever. It has to be the air from the machine causing. I've never experienced this kind of dry mouth before.

    Does anyone here know what I'm talking about?
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  10. glafdy

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    Hi. I can relate to the dry mouth with the CPAP machine. I have used the CPAP for 6 years now. For some reason I need a pressure of 17 - so that really pushes the air through. That will cause dry mouth.

    Also, are you on any medications that have dry mouth as a side effect. I cannot take Elevil or Cymbalta because they make my mouth literally stick together and sometimes I have to pull my lip away from my teeth. So I have switched to other drugs in place of that.

    What does help me is to put a sugar-free cough drop in my mouth and suck on it all night. Surprisingly it does last about all night too. That adds just a little bit more saliva to the mouth and keeps it more moist. Just find your favorite flavor of cough drop, but make sure it is sugar free so you don't ruin your teeth.

    Hope this info helps.


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