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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SweetT, Jul 19, 2006.

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    Are doctors supposed to say you have a chronic condition that may last indefinitely, or are they supposed to say you need FMLA for a certain time period? My problem was Kaiser doctors never believing me (saying it's all in my head but prescribing narcotics such as oxycontin for me), and after I would beg them to fill out the FMLA packets, they would only give me a few months at a time. If Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue are as serious as they are, why don't the doctors say it's an indefinite condition? Either way, our jobs will make us get a medical recertification every year, anyway. If one day, we no longer have symptoms, then we won't need medical recertifcations. But because our symptoms wax and wane, and are so unpredictable, and life stressors that are out of our control can trigger relapses, all doctors should say that are conditions are indefinite, right?
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    I am retired now, but while working, I used FMLA.

    My doc(s) completed forms for me for my numerous illnesses (I had many!). They stated that they were chronic conditions that I would be experiencing for an indefinite period.

    I agree with you, I think the fibro should be listed as indefinite. Like you say, they have to fill them out yearly anyway!

    I was allowed to charge my time away from work for doctor's appointments to FMLA as well as any sick day to FMLA. Because every doc appt and sick day WAS related to one of my chronic conditions.

    It worked out really well for me.

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    When I had FMLA through my previous job, my doctor filled out the forms saying that it was indefinite. However, every 12 months, he needed to fill out all the forms again. I had it set up on intermittent FMLA, where I still worked but if I called off or had to come in late due to feeling sick or having a doctors appointment, it wouldn't count against me.

    There are different kinds of FMLA, intermittent being one of them. I've also had the kind where they set a time period, such as after I had my breast reduction surgery. I signed up for FMLA and short-term disability, which runs concurrently. For that, I was out for 3 weeks. If I needed more time, the doctor would have had to fill out more paperwork and we'd have to have it approved through the insurance company.

    Hope this helps. Gentle hugs,
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    FMLA protects our job only. We have to take unpaid leave once we use all of our sick and vacation days. I also have intermittent leave. I just wish that I could find a doctor that would say my condition is indefinite so that I only have to get the forms filled out once a year.

    Yep, I work for the county government, where we have thousands of employees, but no short-term disability. And no free parking either! And yes, we have a union.

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