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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by zeowa, Oct 11, 2009.

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    I have a referral for an MRI and am currently in a state physically where I can't get there to get it done; however, I'm wondering if anyone has noted differences between MRIs done during "flares" or those during periods of "normalcy"? I should describe "flare" for me equals full-on crushing headache, fever, inability to sit up, etc. etc.

    Also, has anyone had results vary much due to duration of illness? For instance, someone who's had a scan done after a couple of years versus after ten years...

    And finally, any difference in the type of MRI ordered for any CFIDS/CFS/ME/(XAND?) (this condition, whatever it's best to call it at this point)? I know it has to be contrast--my doc did not initially--and my neurologist (idiot!) is being replaced for telling me none of my symptoms were "evil" enough to warrant investigation.

    Thanks anyone/everyone!
  2. singingirl

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    I have had 2 MRI's about 5 years apart, and the Fibro. didn't make a difference on the results. Both times my brain showed normal and with th elast one, I was in a full blown flare thinking I might have MS.
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    There are a TON of types of MRIs, the ones that show changes in us usually aren't the ones they run because theyr'e not looking for blood flow changes. They mainly run the standard MRI to find any lesions or demyelination to rule out MS and aneurisms and tumors.

    I have M.E. and have had them five years apart, no changes (which is good!). 1st MRI two years after being ill, 2nd MRI seven years after being ill.

    Crushing headache and fever sounds very scary, though. O_O Sounds like they would request a spinal tab instead of an MRI...

    ((hugs)) Take care and keep us updated :)
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    with sudden onset hearing loss... I was so sick I could not walk, drive, eat, anything. My husband had to hold me upright to walk in there. I almost fainted from whatever virus I had. But I'm glad I went.

    I have had CFS for 20 years. I had no choice but to go make sure the vertigo and deafness were not a TUMOR of the ear. I must say I don't care for medical procedures in the first place, and this one, while not physically uncomfortable, is stressful (the noises mainly and getting there, etc).

    I will always choose knowing what is wrong with me over not knowing, so I endure whatever test I have to to know. And the best time to know is when you are experiencing symptoms. That's my opinion about tests, including the MRI. I had contrast by the way. More info that way. Oh, and I requested the OPEN MRI because I have panic disorder.

    If I didn't answer your question, please ask. I'm kind of brain dead this week.

    2nd reply: I had another MRI as a follow up 6 months later, so I did have one while ill and one when I was feeling fine. I'm not sure what you meant by is there a difference in them between when you're well or sick?
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