Question for those who've tried melatonin

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by skychomper, Jun 15, 2003.

  1. skychomper

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    for those who have found success with melatonin,

    what dose did you take?

    Just asking since I am a little person and sensitive to drugs- I don't want to overdrug myself. Im 5'2 and between 105-110 lbs. and 23 years old. do you know what a good "starting" dose would be? I stay asleep through the night, but just have trouble initiating it.

    I just bought some @ 1mg a pill, thinking I could break it up accordingly. thanks to all!!
  2. Lynda B.

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    You might try the search engine. You will get a ton of info.

    Lynda B.
  3. tandy

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    I use the melatonin at night about 5 nights aweek.I use the 3 mgs....the whole thing~ For your size I see no problem taking the 1....ya might need more??try the 1 for the first week then go accordingly~ I sleep well with the 3mgs....I'm 40 yrs,about 125 lbs,5.5
    If i'm not mistaken,I tried the 1 mgs when I first started using melatonin~
    Rest well:)
  4. skychomper

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    Im going to start slow and see how it goes,

    its weird but I've recently bumped up my OLE from 6% to 12% oleuropein and I've been noticing that I am getting to sleep sooner. I used to fall asleep at 5 am. now its more like 3 am. I bought the melatonin anyway, since I thought this might be a fluke. think I'll wait a bit and see if this continues.
    but thanks again for sharing about melatonin, I might just need it soon.