Question for those with FMS and have had a remission

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    The college I work at has a Disability Awareness Week in March every year. Last year I helped with it and had a speaker come who has FMS. They also have other speakers and activities every year to help students and employees become more aware of people who have various disabilities.

    The person (Carol) who is in charge of this program called me last week and said they have a woman coming (didn't give me her name) who is in a wheelchair and is a FMS "Survivor". She also has other health problems so that's why she is in the wheelchair. She said that she was awarded "Mrs. Wheelchair" (can't remember the rest of the title) last year.

    Anyway, Carol asked me to mention this speaker to my FMS support group as, of course, she is hoping for a good attendance to this speaker's program.

    What I am wondering about is the word "survivor". Doesn't that sound like FMS is something that is curable like some kinds of cancer? I questioned Carol about this and told her that FMS is not curable and I wondered if perhaps this speaker is maybe going through a remission. I just don't want the audience to get the idea that FMS is something that is curable although we all hope that someday this will be true.

    Not really sure if I want to attend this program or not. I might out of curiosity, but it upsets me that inaccurate information about FMS could be part of the program. She is going to talk about other things besides FMS.

    I would appreciate anyone's input on this. Thanks.


    P.S. I won't be back here until tomorrow (no computer at home) so forgive me for not responding to anyone's responses right away.

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