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    I wanted to ask you how much benefit you have been getting from you alpha stim?

    Having seen the discussions on this site, I read a little online about them, and am interested.

    However, since finances are very bad right now, I am apprehensive about spending the $$.

    I have enthusiastically tried alternative treatments in the past that cost a lot of money I did not have, only to be very disappoited, feeling in the end like I might as well have thrown the $ away.

    I guess I am apprehensive about getting my hopes up again.

    Yet, hope springs eternal, and what I have read about the alpha stim seems very intriguing.

    If you have the time and engery, I would be very appreciative you would be willing to share more of your experience with the alpha stim.

    In particular, I am interested in what benefit you have gotten for particular symptoms. How long/often you use it. And how difficult it is to learn to use--or more precisely, how difficult you think it would be for someone with bad brain fog to learn to use it.

    Lastly, is it a purchase you in hindsight are glad that you made?

    Thank you very much.
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    Hi Moreinfoplease,

    I’ve been meaning to post about some of my Alpha Stim experiences, so your inquiry today was timely. Wow, where to begin? I’ve noticed so many things, I’m sure I will forget some of them as I try to relate what I can to you.

    First of all, there are three ways to use the Alpha Stim 100. There are 1) Two probes; 2) Patches; and 3) Ear Clips. I’ve only watched the DVD once, and have not gotten around to reading the material. But using the probes and patches, which seem to be used primarily for pain syndromes, appear to be somewhat difficult to learn how to use correctly.

    The Alpha Stim, which is a less expensive model, does not have the probes and I think only has the ear clip feature. (ProHealth sells this particular model, but not the Alpha Stim 100; last I heard anyway.) I was able to get a refurbished model for $580, and this same place had the less expensive model refurbished for $380. Both had rent to own options available.

    Because I too have serious brain fog and cognitive problems, I’ve not taken the time to explore and start using the first two modalities. But I quickly was able to get started using the ear clips, which seem to be useful primarily for neurally mediated symptoms. In my case, that would include:

    1) NMH (neurally mediated hypotension); 2) Sensory Overload; 3) Sleep Disruptions; 4) Excessive Neuronal Firing (or at least what I perceive some of my symptoms to be. I look at my extreme difficulty getting going and a corresponding inability to relax after I’ve gotten going as part of this particular pattern. I think the ENF is also responsible for occasional feelings of anxiety.); 5) Exaggerated Startle Reflex; and 6) Various peripheral neurological symptoms. There’s probably more, but I’m sure you get the picture.

    In short, all of these problematic symptoms have improved significantly since starting to use this (called cranial electrical stimulation or microcurrent therapy) on a regular basis. I started out what would be considered very slowly. But because of my extremely sensitive system, quickly did more than my neurological system could integrate. On a setting of 1 for about 30 minutes, I began to develop a headache. I decided to take a nap, and upon wakening, woke up feeling very nauseous and hung over. I used to take Klonopin, and it felt very similar to having taken too much Klonopin. This was actually a very hopeful sign for me, because I’ve considered whether I should go back to taking Klonopin because of concerns about the excessive neuronal firing.

    I tried it again the next day at a setting of ½, and only did it for 20 minutes. Again, it felt like too much. So I took a two day break, and then tried it at ½ for 20 minutes again. This time it felt just right. It felt good to all of a sudden feel calmer. I gradually worked up to a setting of 1 for up to 20-30 minutes at a time. I now generally do this 3-4 times per day; shortly after waking, just before an afternoon nap, and just before going to bed at night.

    I should mention that laying down to try to rest or sleep at any time has for a long time been somewhat painful for me. It just seemed to take so much effort to get my system to settle down, and in attempting to do so, I was forced to put even more attention on the unpleasantness of it. It now seems I don’t get so neurologically out of sync as I used to, and when laying down, feel incredibly relieved to know that the Alpha Stim will within minutes start bringing me into a calmer, more relaxed comfort zone.

    Just recently, I took the Alpha Stim with me on an errand run. After being in a couple of stores, and beginning to feel overwhelmed by the stimuli, I went to my car to head home. I quickly realized it would not be good for me to drive until I could get settled down some. So I tried the Alpha Stim for 20 minutes in the parking lot (not necessarily a conducive place for getting calmed down). It felt pretty miraculous to find myself go from feeling pretty extreme agitation to feeling calm and very competent to drive in traffic.

    Is this a purchase I’m glad I made? In short, Yes, very much so. It not only helps me immediately upon using it, but it also seems to be doing something for my neurological system on some deeper levels. I was out for a walk recently, and a neighbor opened her door just as I was walking by. Out came two barking dogs who headed straight for me, which would have normally elicited a strong startle reflex. Instead of this happening, I was able to maintain my composure and utilize a protective spiritual exercise I often use in these types of situations. I was pretty stunned by my ability to do this, and was a confirmation of what the Alpha is doing to help stabilize some of my neurological processes.

    I’ve noticed sleeping for longer periods of time at night, and seem to be getting deeper sleep in the process. I'm also noticing some improvements in some of my carpal tunnel pain syndromes. Sensory overload symptoms have improved as well, but this seems to vary on a day to day basis.

    All in all, this Alpha Stim purchase is shaping up to be one of the best investments I’ve made for myself. I still marvel just about every day how I’m able to do some things so much easier than before I started using it. Being able to shower in the morning without serious NMH symptoms feels pretty miraculous to me. Like I say, there’s probably things I’m not thinking of at the moment. But to sum up, it feels like there’s a deeper healing process going on as I continue to use it. It has been everything and more than I had hoped for.

    Best to you as you consider whether this would be a worthwhile investment for yourself.

    Regards, Wayne

    P.S. Many of the improvements I've noticed are similar to ones I also experienced after doing the Atlas Profilax procedure. It's possible my symptom improvements since starting the Alpha Stim wouldn't be nearly so noticable had I not done the AP first.

    P.P.S. For anybody reading about this for the first time, it should be noted that numerous studies have shown depression is often successfully treated with the Alpha Stim.
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    for sharing this information

    I know that with brain fog and fatigue and all the various other troubling symptoms it is not easy at all to gather and type all this info, so please know it is helpful and your effort is appreciated.

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    wayne. From what i have read about the alpha stim 100 you have to get a doctor to authorize it, does the doctor call or write a script for the alpha stim. I like the rent one just to see if i would like it. And i am not sure how to talk to my doctor to get one . He's not one i would really go to . I do not know if my chiropractor could or not.
    does insurance cover this also??
    thanks crickett
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    Hi Crickett,

    Luckily, my DC/ND was familiar with the Alpha Stim and has used it successfully in his practice. So he readily agreed to authorize me to purchase one. He apparently is using another machine now instead of the Alha Stim which has more features and costs a lot more money.

    His office ended up faxing the authorization to the place I bought it from. I suspect these authorized dealers are familiar with what it takes to get a doctor's approval, so I would suggest contacting some of the companies and see if they may have some suggestions on how to make this happen quickly.

    I have Medicare and was told that they will not cover it. But apparently some insurance will cover it. So it could be very worthwhile to see if yours might.

    I noticed your Atlas Profilax post and will try to get back to you tomorrow sometime. Kind of running out of gas at the moment.

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    Has anyone used this specifically for tension/muscular headaches (NOT migraines)? What was your treatment plan?

    One of my doc's suggested to try CES (cranial electrical stimulation) for my daily headaches but his practice doesn't own a machine.

    Where can used or loaners be purchased? Is Alpha-Stim or other another brand better?
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    I spoke to an old friend of our familys' last night for the first time in years. Her and her husband are some of the sickest people Ive ever met. Theyve had more accidents and operations than one can count.

    The husband was in a crush accident years ago, and the lady has had one kidney removed, severe osteoporosis, tumours, many other operations, diabetes, etc.

    She told me last night they bought an alpha stim about 5 weeks ago, and she swears it's an absolute miracle, saying it tremendously helped her nervous system from the start. Her husband has terrible spinal pain and apparently it took almost all the pain away.

    This made me look into it again (as i did years ago but never tried it), and now i'm really interested in trying it out.

    I think it could help alot of people with our conditions, anything to do with neurological function. Great to hear how much it's helping you wayne, ive been looking at alot of testimonials etc, and theres a few videos on youtube etc.

    Problem is price, i'm going to email the company and ask if there's any trial in Australia, which would be ideal to see if it works before buying one (very expensive). They are about $1100 here in Aus for the Alpha Stim 100. I am really keen to try one either way.
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    Hi All,

    I just ran across an Alpha-Stim testimonial and thought I would share it here. Using the Alpha-Stim has become such a routine part of my life, it's become one of those things that would be hard for to imagine not having.

    If anybody has been considering looking further into this modality, I would highly encourage you to do so.

    Best, Wayne

    Alpha-Stim Testimonial

    I have lived with diabetes for forty-four years, since the age of six. I have also been diagnosed with other autoimmune disorders such as Epstein-Barr/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Restless-Leg Syndrome. These syndromes have caused a multitude of symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety/depression, and a chronic overall sense of not feeling well.

    In April 2004, I underwent emergency surgery due to a spinal infection. While undergoing physical therapy after my surgery, my physical therapist suggested that I try the Alpha-Stim® SCS, because she believed it could help with some of the symptoms that were making my recovery from spine surgery more difficult; namely, insomnia, RLS, anxiety. She began treating me with the Alpha-Stim® for twenty minutes, two to three times a week I noticed a significant difference in my symptoms after only three or four uses.

    The most notable change was my ability to remain in deep sleep throughout the night. I began to notice how well rested I felt upon awakening. The disruption of sleep caused by Restless-Leg Syndrome also diminished. I also became aware that when I missed my physical therapy appointments and had not used the Alpha-Stim® for three or more days, my symptoms returned.

    I made the choice to purchase an Alpha-Stim® SCS for my own use at home. Many insurance companies will cover some of the cost, as mine did. I started by using it everyday, for one hour, the first two weeks, as recommended by the maker. After two weeks, I was able to reduce the number of days, as well as the length of time, to every other day for one-half hour, which is the schedule I am currently following.

    I continue to enjoy deep, restful sleep, with no annoying disruptions from RLS. Sleeping well at night allows me to feel well rested and more energetic upon awakening. My anxiety/depression levels have been greatly reduced, and I have an overall sense of wellness. I would highly recommend the Alpha-Stim®, for at-home use, to anyone who suffers from similar symptoms. Thank you Alpha-Stim® for giving myself back to me!
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    Sounds great! I wish it worked that fast for me though. Im still on and off with it. Any time i go more than a few minutes, my brain feels so lagged and tired the whole next day. I must be sensitive to it unfort.

    I haven't used it for over a week now due to all the holiday stuff. I'll get back to it, but still can only tolerate about 5 mintues or so on setting of one without next day hangover. It's a shame because I read a fair few of these wonderful testimonials and wish it would work like this for me.

    My girlfriend can use it on max setting 5 for one hour with no problems or hangover at all. She doesn't have any health probs though except for dep and anxiety, which it does help with. I'll keep trying and perhaps will adjust as i really want it to work for me.
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