many out there also have psoriasis, or psoriatic

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  1. Cinlou

    Cinlou New Member

    Just curious....How many of us also have psorisis or psoriatic arthritis....? It is an autoimmune disease....
  2. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    Had what I thought was severe Eczema, dx. by SEVERAL Dermatologist over about 10 years. Went to a new Dermatologist last fall, did a biopsy on my face, and found out it was Psoriasis. It was SEVERE, one for the medical books. Guess what, it has cleared about 95%. Did a few things so not sure what to attribute it too, but will share what I've done different.

    1. Upped dose of thyroid meds.
    2. Upped dose of Vit D-3 to 4400 I.U.
    3. Upped dose of Carlsons Fish Oil to 3 Tablespoons (I think this is the Key) Had improved at 2 Tablespoons and applying topically, but when I bumped up to 3 Tablespoons, it cleared.
    4. Increased dose of B-12 injection daily
    5. Got rid of a NEW Flat Top Range - it required a special cream cleaner which I was HIGHLY allergic to. Went back to a coil range, replaced every single pot and pan, casserole that ever sat on the range.
    6. Rx. for Compounded Cortisol - don't think this is it as I was using this for several months with very little improvement to my face.

    I have eczema/or psoriasis on other areas that have not improved much, just barely enough to not use topical steroids. Those other areas were never biopsied, and I suspect they are mostly Eczema.

    I also had Hoshimotos, another autoimmune disease. I had complete thyroidectomy in Nov. 07, so, do I still have Hoshimotos? I don't know.
  3. Cinlou

    Cinlou New Member

    Thank you for the information, it was very informative....I had just got through reading a post on the National Psoriasis Foundation about using vitamin D3...and ibuprophin and someone called it the Barney are very helpful..thanks again!
  4. hi all,

    i have psoriasis.ive had it for 35 years.and it runs in the family,on my dads side.

    i also have the psoriatic arthritis,and it seems to flare up bad in my spine,when my finger nails,and toes, have a psoriasis flare.

    my daughter,sadly,has inherited the psoriasis from me.and my son has a pustular type.that i once read about.

    my daughters psoriasis isnt on the knees,like mine was.

    but hers is more on the feet and hands.

    we drink 250ml glassfull of cranberry juice,first thing in the morning,and last thing at night.

    my psoriasis has gone away.

    the daughters is greatly improoved.

    she hasnt been on the cran juice as long as i have.ive been on it over a year,daughters been on it about 4 months.

    im not on any medications from my doctor.but im taking a allergy med called piriton,that i bought from the chemist.

    this is because i have mutiple allergies,i told my doctor that id bought it,and she said,just carry on taking it,as it seems to help you.

    the things that bother me are.

    pets hair,petrol fumes,certain perfumes,chemicals,plants,grass,mold spores,food colours,dust.

    the list goes on.

    i have no psoriasis now,but i did have what is called hives,a itchy skin rash on my arms.

    the piriton has made that go away thank goodness.

    take care,love fran
  5. Cinlou

    Cinlou New Member

    Hey thanks for the replies guys.....I just started drinking cranberry juice yesterday....good stuff...good for UTI too....
    I did take Methotrexate a few years back when the doc thought I had PA with the psoriasis....did not help the pain and did not have a bad outbreak of the got 2nd opinion....
    It is really awful to deal with all the FM, arthritis and some of you deal with many other issues too....
  6. DesertRain

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    I developed a new challenge 9 months ago after getting strep throat. It's called guttate psoriasis. It looks and feels like chicken pox and can be unbearably itchy. Apparently it's an autoimmune response to strep antibodies. Oh, yeah!!

    I did find a dermotologist who prescribed Taclonex ointment (about $700/tube!!!!!! but our insurance covers all but $50). It's the only thing I found that gets rid of it (temporarily). Tanning booths do help with this condition.

    Feel free to contact me and commiserate if you, too, have this rare disorder.
  7. lesleyjoy

    lesleyjoy New Member

    This type of psoriasis presents as inflamed, bright red, smooth patches of skin with well-defined borders which can be very painful and sore. It doesn't have the typical silvery scale and occurs in body creases.I get it between my buttocks and winter time is worse. My Dr thought it has heat rash but the rhumatologist said flexual psoriasis.I tried any number of anti inflammatory creams which didn't work for long and eventually found that Ungvita ointment (vitamin A in a petroleum jelly base)covered with thin layers of cotton wool, cleared it quite well. I first got it 2 years ago after hitting the post-menopausal stage!!
    I hope this may be helpful for anyone else with this type of psoriasis.
  8. binxi

    binxi New Member

    not the arthritic type.
    just small bits on my body- i'm not sure but i think my dandruff and ear canal dermatitis might be psoriasis but haven't had it checked by a dermatologist.
    i know the patches on my body are psoriasis because my grandad had it and my dad and brother have it.
  9. harmony21

    harmony21 New Member

    Yep I have it.....not badly but get it more so when stressed

    angel hugs

  10. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    Cinlou, I do not have psoriasis, however my mother had it. Hers would come and go but would have occasional flares where is was extremely uncomfortable.

    I think she also had undiagnosed CFS.

    Take care.
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