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    So I have been doing a little research and No (for those who've read my other previous post) I'm not a hypochondriac. I just want to be informed. After all, if I don't inform myself no one will. So to the question. I was reading up on M.E.(not CFS) and I fit most of the symptoms. Not the more extreme severe symptoms like losing speech but the others fit me. I have also had an MRI done a couple of years ago. One or two, I can't really recall the date. On it, the radiologists noted "white" spots but my neuro wasn't concerned about it. I can't recall the exact language of the report. Seems to be a theme, huh? I can't remember........ I was going to him for numbness and tingling in my feet, legs and hands. For those of you with true M.E. (not CFS), have you had a MRI done? What were the findings? What other tests did you have done to confirm? I am going to my rheumy next week and just want to know what to ask her about.
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    ME is CFS thats why alot of folks put it as ME/CFS. ME is the name of CFS. go to

    Lesions on the brain? common in CFS I had an MRI(many)and have lesions. Was mistaken for MS took meds and made myself sicker. There is nothing that they do.

    They may have a blood test by 2010. not really sure of tests. have vitd done there is so many. ck search.
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    i had a MRI done about 2 or 3 months ago, & sure enough i have several lesions. they said they were from Migrains. And i do have bad ones from time to time, but the lesion thing really scared me, havent had a second opinion yet, i am trying to get some Lyme testing done, then go from there.

    there is a lot of people with CFS that have lesions, but thier still scary to have. Especially with all the Cognitive problems. some people say that when they go back to check with another MRI, sometimes the lesions will be gone.
    It's all very scary & frustrating i know!! I too read read read, on these posts & others trying to take controll of my health, so your not alone.

    with This DD, and others like it, you have to be your own Advocate a lot of times!! its hard, Scary & frustrating i know.

    Good luck at the Rheumys,And hope this answered some of your Questions.
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    Not to argue or seem like a know it all but CFS and ME are not the same thing. I did go to and that is one of the purposes of that site. To let people know that it's not the same thing. I also had a vitd test done and it is low. I'm on additional supplements to the ones I was already on for that and osteopenia.

    ETA: This is from
    The fact that a person qualifies for a diagnosis of Oxford Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fukuda (CDC) CFS, or either of the Australian CFS definitions (a) does not mean that the patient has Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), and (b) does not mean that the patient has any other distinct and specific illness named ‘CFS.’ A diagnosis of ‘CFS’ – based on these or any of the other ‘CFS’ definitions – can only ever be a misdiagnosis.

    Do not for one minute believe that CFS is simply another name for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. It is not. The CDC 1988 definition of CFS describes a non-existing chimera based upon inexperienced individuals who lack any historical knowledge of this disease process. The CDC definition is not a disease process. It is (a) a partial mix of infectious mononucleosis /glandular fever, (b) a mix of some of the least important aspects of M.E. and (c) what amounts to a possibly unintended psychiatric slant to an epidemic and endemic disease process of major importance. Any disease process that has major criteria, of excluding all other disease processes, is simply not a disease at all; it doesn't exist. The CFS definitions were written in such a manner that CFS becomes like a desert mirage: The closer you approach, the faster it disappears and the more problematic it becomes (2006, [Online]).

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    Here in the UK where i live it is now being known as CFS/ME. I went on a CBT course for it and that is the new name they are giving it here. I also have FM as well.

    Think you will find conflicting and different views on this all over the world.
  6. TigerLilea

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    You better define what your definition of "true" ME is. Where I come from ME and CFS are considered the same thing.

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