Question Mycoplasma/Virus Testing . . . (Jelly/Madwolf/Mikie)

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    Have a question . . . when I saw the immunologist he said the IgG antibodies just indicate a "past exposure" and if you want to know if you have an active virus you have to get the IgM antibody test which most doctors never order. Have you heard this also? I had a high antibody show up for one of the Herpesviruses and my endocrin. thought it looked suspect, but it was IgG so the immunologist said it doesn't really mean anything . . . This doesn't make sense to me . . . me have this illness going on so why wouldn't doctors test for the active stuff (or at least the active stuff also!) . . . Thanks!!!! Terri

    p.s. Mikie, I read your post about those trees in Florida . . . I have never had an allergy in my life until I visited my aunt one April in Ft. Myers (Lehigh Acres) . . . it was awful!
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    Because there's so much undeveloped land there full of the trees. By law now, when land is developed, all non-indiginous (exotic) plants must be removed. The trees are all along the highways and driving from one place to another can be miserable.

    When an infection is active, there are antibodies in the blood which can easily be detected. Sometimes these antibodies can be detected long after viruses have gone dormant, indicating that a person was exposed, even when he or she didn't even get sick. Almost everyone has EBV antibodies which can be detected. Some types of infections go stealth inside our cells, and it is almost impossible to detect anything in the blood. This is the case with the mycoplasmas and usually only the DNA test will reveal them.

    Taking antibiotics will starve them out of the cells and into the fluids in the bloodstream and often make them more detectable, at least according to theory. Makes sense.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks for the info . . . ironically, I have no antibodies to Epstein-Barr and the immunologist said the same as you, most people have been exposed to it. Terri