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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dan0248, May 26, 2003.

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    Well I’m not sure if I want to waste anyone’s time with this question or not. We’ve all had the achy joints, fingers, thumbs, legs, feet, backs, trying to make sure I haven’t forgotten anyone. Then there is the brain numbing fatigue, the I can’t move anther inch or I’ll die fatigue. Trying to write a post for this board is like tying to talk to my wife, she finishes my questions for me or tries to answer them before I'm finished asking. From what I’ve read on this board I can readily see there is world of history and experience here. That there is a wide variety of symptoms for theses damn diseases, F/M and CFS, just look at the varying degree of terrible to poor concentration or brain fog, the piss poor memory as I like to refer to it. Still new enough to this site to realize I don’t know enough to blow the water out of an empty coffee cup.
    The question that I have for you guys is there any of you suffering from asthma like symptoms, tight chest, whistling noises. I have been coughing most of the weekend bringing up a pale to very light green mucus.
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    Never assume a new symptom is FMS related. Always have it checked out by the doc. It sounds as though you do have a bronchial infection which could be pneumonia. Get thee to a doc.

    Love, Mikie
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    Dan, I see that you have good answers to your question. One thing about this board that continues to amaze me are the number of questions like, My hand is falling off my arm; it is CFS?? Because our symptoms are so varied and so frustrating, our first thought when confronted with a new symptom is that it's a part of the same DD. We must remember that we're people too and that as people we can have other kinds of illnesses present themselves.

    If in doubt, see your doctor is my motto. In this way I've also found that I have some physical problems that CAN be helped. Clear mucus can be allergies. Green indicates infection that can be cleared up. That's the good news for the day.