question on ambien vs. tryptophan-herbal combo

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    I just went to a holistic MD. She is going to be mailing me a complete treatment protocol that she has successfully used with her FM patients. I will report back here when I get it.

    In the meantime she suggested that if I would be willing to try a prescription sleep med she said to try Ambien and then wean off it after several months. She said that used in this way it can allow the brain to restore itself to pre-FM seratonin levels and bring back delta sleep. It does this just by promoting regular sleep. Ambien does not promote delta sleep. But delta sleep is increased, she says, after the brain has a chance to do its job with regular sleep of any sort (unusual for me, I must say). She says after weaning off Ambien I should be able to sleep well, with delta sleep, with mild herbs or nothing at all.

    Has anyone had any success with this or heard of this? She says her patients do well with it.

    In other cases she has her patients use valerian, skullcap, and trytophan (should I try this before I try first before the ambien?). She says tryptophan will increase seratonin and works to promote delta sleep.

    Thanks for your advice, you all have been a big help.

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    but cant help you with your question. Something about what she said makes sense so I will be waiting to hear from you.
    Forgot, I have tried valerian and some of the sleep inducing teas and they do nothing. The only thing that has helped are the meditation cd for sleep but I am brand new at them so dont have a lot to report yet.
    When I have a good productive day I can never fing the off switch, but when playing one of those brain wave cd with the head set I did manage to get to sleep and stay so for 6 hrs. I did have to listen to it for about an hour but that was better than staring at the ceining all night cuz I was too revved up to turn off.
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    Hi Aeryn,
    I have been on Ambian off and on for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, it doesn't leave me feeling rested the next day, even if I have slept and definitely has not allowed me to sleep naturally after I stop it. I have been on 10 mg. Eventually it stops working all together after a while. If this happens then you need to stop it for a while and restart it, in order for it to be effective again.
    I found your doctors information very interesting. Thanks for sharing the info and the best of luck. Keep us posted on your decision and how your doing.