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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sixtyslady, Aug 14, 2006.

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    Well I"ve been doing fairly well ,until sat,my wrist and ankles and knees started up again with that burning pain almost like when you "ve been out in the cold to long and your fingers are getting numb,but they start to burn when you come in where its warm.

    anyhow this makes me feel real anxious and fidity like I just need to move all the time ,does anyone else have this feeling, and if so how do you get relief.
    I"m also having some swelling with this,my fingers, knees and feet. Thanks guys .

  2. I feel that way all the time.We went to a party the other night the first in years well I got a panic attack when we go there before we got out of car.BUt dont have alot of berning yet in fingers,I have only been sick since last novemebr,Love ruthie Ps sounnds like arthritis on top of fybro.
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    I get the burning across my shoulders and upper back, and I get the knees, fingers and feet too....not a happy feeling huh?

    You daon't say what you've tried to get relief..For the swelling and even some of the pain Ibuprofen would help.

    Talk to your doc. there are a lot of things to help.

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    From one anxious person to another -

    That burning feeling is what I have in my left knee and sometimes my hands but it's arthritis. Could that be it? I use aspirin but it gets bad but not everyone can.

    When I recognize it for what it is I've found that I can usually control the anxiety by deep breathing - or maybe I should say, correct breathing, no need to hyperventilate - and centering my thoughts on something peaceful. I also like affirmations very much and use them all the time.

    This is not to say that anxiety can't and doesn't sneak up on me though.

    Love your puppy![This Message was Edited on 08/15/2006]
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    That is some awful feeling. Maybe kneading the areas will circulate the blood a little, bring down the swelling and bring some comfort for the hurt feeling.

    I am so sorry you have these pains. They really are difficult to work around.

  6. Line

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    I get a lot of burning pain, especally in my right leg and my foot goes numb, seems to start in the low back and deep bone pain in my hip. Above the waist my pain is almost always left sided below right sided. Go figure!!!!

    I get that anxious feeling often, seems like I can't sit still and have to keep my hands busy all the time.

    Hugs, Linda

  7. sixtyslady

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    do you think that anxious feeling is from the pain? because once the pain lets up that feeling goes away,

    now don't ask me what makes the pain let up because I haven"t figured that out yet , I did take 2 advil.
    I have found at nite that if I cover my legs from the waist down with my quilt then I don"t get muscle spams in the calf of my legs, hard to cover up when its warm out .but we do have the a/c on so I need to .
    what a weird thing just my pinkie fingers have this feeling,not my whole hand. and of course my feet,knees,ankles,toes,wrist.
    sure glad I can tell you guys the Dr thinks I"m nuts.
    have a good day ,maybe some day we"ll figure these things all out. hugs sixtyslady