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    Hi all? I have been having problems with constipation for about a year now with rib and waistline pain. Many tests have been done over this past year. Barium enema, upper gi, ultrasounds, HIDA scan etc.(all normal). My doctor decided to send me to a specialist and I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy done this morning. The nurse said all looks well, however biopsies are being done. I was told by her secretary that this is routine regardless if anyting is found. I have a hard time believing this and I am convinced something is wrong. Can someone reassure me that that this is routine. If anyone has had these tests and have also had biopsies as a routine procedure, please let me know. I am soooo scared and If it is unnecessay to be afaid I would really appreciate hearing from others. Thank you for listening and hope someone can help..god bless to you all.
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    about 2 months ago, and my DOC biopsied parts of my colon as well, it does seem to be standard. My biopsy results were negative no problems. So do not worry, that is not highly unusual. Take care, Love Iggy
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    Thank you from the bottom of my heart(and I truely mean that). I did some research on the internet and all they said was that biopsies are done when there is something suspicious. Guess they are wrong. I am so fed up with fm and these things do not make it any easier. I'm sure many of you can relate. Well, I glad to hear that most of you have had routine biopsies and all has been negative. I also heard that they can diagnose IBS through tissue examination(biopsy) and this is what my specialist thinks I have. Has anyone heard of this before? I also have problems swallowing my food for the last couple of months, however I think it is another symptom of my fm. The muscles can attack us just about anywhere. Anyhow, thanks to all who replied and hope to hear more of the same from others. God bless.
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    It's Tania, Sorry you are still having that rib pain. Mine has finally eased a bit--but comes and goes. Yes, they do take biopsies--my husband had both tests. Biopsied and OK.
    I'm the chicken as I am having my first colonoscopy August 15. Scared to death of feeling fibro pain afterwards and the sedation part, cause I'm sensitive to meds. How was it for you? I'll bet everything is OK. If you have had all those other tests and all was normal, you might just have IBS as far as the waistline ache. Let us know.
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    My doctor told me biopsies are a routine procedure. Mine we're all clear as he said he expected.

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    Well you did get your answer, but will just reassure you again, part of my job is transcribing endoscopy reports, biopsies are routine.

    Tania-I had a colonscopy done (no two colonoscopies) and have Fibro and have sensitivies to anesthesia. The common drug of choice for endoscopies is "conscious sedation" such as Versed and then maybe Demerol or something else for pain. Each time, I had no trouble. Patients seem to recover quickly.

    Fondly June
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    Just want to add my 2 cents worth - my colonoscopy was done at the hospital and the anesthesia knocked me out. once i was awake, i had a great day, as it was the first time i felt rested in years!
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    That doc needs to cover himself you know and any good doc would take a biopsy.

    Lynda B.