Question on cortisol and thyroid.....and Hi everyone

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    I have been on 10 mg compounded hyrocortisone from FFC. I have been eating everything in site (late afternoon and evening). Anyone else have this problem taking cortisol?

    I also had an appoint. with my endro last week. He doesn't agree with the cortisol but will tolerate it. Also from FFC Iam taking a very small dose of Liothyronine. Endro says this is out of your system in 6 hrs. He is aware of the problems I had taking synthroid 6 yrs. ago, and is willing to work with me on thyroid meds. Anyone else going to FFcC getting treatment for thyroid elsewhere.

    Also Hi to everyone, have not been on board for a long time, have been so busy and not enough time and energy to go around. I am going back to FFC next week.

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    Dr. Wilson writes that cortisol can bring on some immediate relief and give your adrenals a much needed break, but that your body can become very addicted to cortisol and it is a stress hormone. Stress grays out the hair, wrinkes the skin, raises BP, shuts down digestion and bumps up the blood sugar. Its best to do this only when necessary.

    He discusses more natural methods in the book...but most of us CFS sufferers have a lot of stress in keeping out bodies going. CFS keeps us sleeping and resting and life wants to push us to GO-GO-GO. It's important to the adrenals to rest whenever your body needs it. Listen to your body and heal your adrenals.

    In Jacob Teitelbaum's book: "From Fatigued to Fantastic", he mentions that a little armour thyroid supplement helps CFS ppl through the crisis until they are healed.

    Mary Shomom (former journalist with thyroid problems) has a great website on the thyroid as do Dr & Dr. Shames.

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