Question on dairy allergy and transfer factor, undentured whey

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wld285, May 1, 2007.

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    Good moring everyone..... Hope someone can help me out here. I have been trying to find out supplements etc. that are helping people. I once took colostrum and got severe congestion. I have been using a veg protein powder then it was discontinued, then got one made from goats milk. Again got sever congestion.

    It seems alot of people have good results from transfer factor, and with the methylation process it calls for undentured whey. Just what does the "undentured" mean?

    Anyone with food allergies have this problem, or does anyone have any answers or suggestions.

    Thank you!

  2. wld285

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  3. deliarose

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    just do a web search on undenatured whey... or ImmunoPro Rx or RenewPro.. which are 2 brands of undenatured whey.

    It's sthg to do with the way they are prepared.

    Actually, the methylation process does not call for the use of supplements such as undenatured wehy to rebuild glutathione although ppl, including myself, on the protocol may/are using it,....

    For more info on the methylation protocol check out Rich Van Konyenburg's threads or posts... he has links to his papers.

    Good luck
  4. wld285

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    Thanks.... I will be interested in watching your progress. What sleep meds were you on before?

    Any info would be helpful because I'm going to talk to my doc about it on my next appoint.

    Thanks again,

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