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    Hi Dr, thank you for your reply on dental and mycoplasma, i found that interesting as i had dental implants and have been ill ever since they used cow bone as a bone graph and i wonder how you feel that may have attributed to my ongoing me/cfids?


    I don’t know about the use of bovine bone grafts, but this could result in an immune response against the grafted bone if there were any remaining bovine proteins or protein degradation products in the graft. The best bone grafts are those that use your own bone fragments or bone fragments (with all protein and tissue removed) from cadavers, not those from other species.

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    thank you dr so much i really appreciate that answer

    i had an infection that was only helped after a swab was taken and specific antibiotics issued ((my dr wouldn.t tell me what the infection was) although swelling and pain went on for over a year when i recovered enough to have the second part of the operation to insert the dental posts.

    it took years to recover from that again with me/cfids symptoms again. each time i was told it would take 2 weeks to recover and i had flu like symptoms which were ignored

    i wondered if the anesthetic injections caused problems could they be infected?

    i did recover after about 3 years enough to walk 3 miles and felt 95 % better then i had vaccinations travel ones most of them on the list available as i planned a world trip inc south east asia and south america.

    i relapsed so badly that i was unable to write anymore and touch type which i could do since i was 16, i could not remember a paragraph when i read it to the next one. even my eyes muscles were tired.

    do you think i need referral to tropical disease specialist? some of the vaccinations are live

    heart pain was back again and sent to a cardiologist they put me on a treadmill this lead to my legs going like jelly and collapse after a few minutes then when dr.s made me move again a massive energy burst and i was able to move again but collapsed again leading to my being bedbound for over a year and pots so bad i couldn.t sit up with out terrible chest pain my blood pressure sometimes on standing was 175 45.

    what happened to my heart here why the burst of energy then collapse? sometimes when i push myself i get this bursti used hawthorn to help and salt with lots of fluids to treat.

    dr de meirlier's urine test came back second from last so i adapted my diet to avoid eggs wheat dairy and other foods that stimulate that gas which has helped

    currently i use echinacea, sometimes Mellisa, and goldenseal and probiotics which helps and q10 with b compound and as my red cells are mis shaped i use high dose cod liver oil which seems to help also

    do you know of any specialist in the uk where i am who would be useful to get a referral from my gp? also what would your advise be regarding treatment?

    many many thanks for your time in answering our questions

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    I can't begin to tell you how many patients have contacted me because they developed CFS/ME after a complex dental procedure or oral surgery. We usually attribute this to oral infections that are local but become systemic due to the procedure itself (which causes tissue damage/repair and inflammation) and the depression of the immune system because of the surgery.

    Once the infection(s) become systemic, they can cause all sorts of signs/symptoms, and it can take a long time to recover.

    Treatments can vary widely, depending on the nature of the infection(s) and their tissue colonization pattern, but in general systemic treatments, including long-term antibiotics, supplements and other approaches are usually necessary for recovery. I also would not rule out the role of heavy metals from dental work. More information can be found on our website under Treatment Considerations.

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