Question on Disability Appeal and need encouragement PLEASE

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  1. fibrohugslife

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    I am wondering just how many times do I have to call them on status of my application?

    I applied for SSI, this past July, and appealed for SSDI. So I know that in checking my status online I can't check for SSI online but for SSDI I can. So now I am just waiting patiently.

    I did finally get through to them and they said that if I do not hear anything by December 28th, to call them and check.

    So now I am nervous as well that is next month, and I am hoping and praying for a miracle here. Six months with no money coming in at all is just over the top here.

    I am deciding on what my next move will be and thinking of trying to go back to work next year to help get some experience in my major if they do not approve me for either disability program.

    I need to be able to survive here and the government just does not care about whether you do or not.

    Should I continue to keep pursuing this as I continue to keep falling under financially?

    I live with my family and the welfare departments look at their income to decide on whether I qualify for funds. My folks will return next year so I am wondering if I can apply for welfare then as they will not have any income then. Do you think that is possible? I live in California.
    Anyway we shall see what they do. I want to win disability but I don't want to give up a portion of my winnings if I win to an attorney, LOL I need that money ya know. But will do whatever I need to do for now.

    Do you have any advice or suggestions/comments?
  2. Aeronsmom

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    That is exactly what they want us to do, I am going on 2 yrs waiting for an answer from them, I had my hearing in october and the judge said he will be making a decision in 30-60 days and today is day 30 since my hearing and I have yet to hear anything,

    I was calling every week checking on the statues of my application and then one day I got fed up with the same old answer that I went to my MP's office and she called then while I was there telling they have 10 days to give me an answer and 10 days later I got a letter from them.."denied"

    so I got a Lawyer(thru legal aide which will cost me nothing). he told me after the hearing that it looked very good and that we probably won. so again don't give up and keep calling them once a week.

    Good Luck to you and I'll be praying for you.

    Love to all, Ann
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  3. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    I don't have an answer just wanted to let you know I feel for you and hope you get an answer soon.

    Seems we have to jump through a hoop when we least feel like it!

    Take care,
  4. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    My state disability ran out in May so all I have is to wait on is SSI and SSDI.

    So the horrible wait continues.

  5. wildworld

    wildworld New Member

    I'm right there with ya kiddo. My first application, which I spent a year - with an attorney - preparing, was denied despite the fact that they found that I do have FM and CFS. In their words, there was no permanent nerve damage. I'm told I have at least a year to wait to get an appeal hearing.

    The good news is, with the shift in congress, healthcare will take a higher priority now, and perhaps not all the money we have will be directed toward Iraq. That means more money for the disability system, more approvals. So I'll keep my chin up if you will.
  6. stevie10959

    stevie10959 New Member

    I had applied for SSDI in 12/2003 while I was still collecting temp.state disability..When I applied the women at disability who went over my paperwork told me if I get turned down to hire a lawyer..After a couple of months and going to state doctors(they make you go) I was rejected..On 3/004 I hired a lawyer who specializes in disabilty claims..I went before a disability judge in 7/2005 and was awarded the disability in 9/2005 retroactive from 2003 but they deduct 6 months off..You need to hire a lawyer the lawyer is only allowed to take a certain amount of your claim..I hate to tell you but it takes a long time to get approved..I had been an internal auditor for 23 years and made good money it was a long hard wait..From what I hear they expect people to either die or go back to work........You need a lawyer that is my advice.
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  7. wildworld

    wildworld New Member

    Since the US, unlike virtually every other Westernized nation, doesn't see fit to offer affordable healthcare to all of it's citizens, we need something between sick leave and SSDI. We need some form of federal long-term disability. SSDI is supposed to be that, but since they operate it as if it is only for those who have a terminal illness, we need insurance that is meant for long-term medical problems that are NOT (thankfully) necessarily fatal. While certainly fatal cases should take a high priority, I'm afraid the real reason behind the program being tailored to terminal cases is that they only have to pay the insurance until the person dies. So long-term illnesses, like CFS or FM, would cost them a great deal more money if approved.
  8. stevie10959

    stevie10959 New Member

    Iwould have to disagree with the post prior to this..You dont need a terminal illness to get approved for ssdi you need a lawyer! I think the lawyers & the government work together to get someone approved..It is all about $$$$ and who can wait as it does take about 2 years. Most people get disgusted and go back to work that is what they want you to do!!!!!Everbody that works pays $$ into ssdi so this is money you are intitle to..I just dont understand why they make you wait so long..There should be a better way!!!
  9. Catseye

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    Hi, I used an attorney even though I researched as much as I could and did my homework. The attorney can help you decide which judge is more likely to rule in your favor and how to document symptoms, things like that, they know the system. Unless you really know what you're doing, it's better not to risk going to a hearing without one. Everything is all legal stuff, logic and common sense aren't alwlays enough to win.

    Look at the SS definition of your illness and document those symptoms listed that you have and make sure your doctor puts them in his records, too. Maybe keep a journal of how you feel everyday and your activities or lack thereof.

    I waited almost 3 years between when I first filed and my hearing. I got turned down twice and got a lawyer and I won my case. good luck! karen
  10. wildworld

    wildworld New Member

    Again, I had a lawyer from the very beginning. We presented a very full case, and several other lawyers I've discussed the matter with as well felt that SS had everything they needed to approve my claim, but they did not.

    I'm not saying they NEVER approve CFIDS cases, I'm saying the bias is that they prefer not to if they can avoid it. Ask any disability attorney whether they think cases expected to be terminal will have a much easier time of getting SSDI than cases that are long-term illness. It's harder for us.
  11. stevie10959

    stevie10959 New Member

    I agree that terminal people will get approved easier but it does not just apply to them..For the rest of us it is almost standard procedure to be turned down by the government and depending on your case getting a lawyer waiting and then in most cases getting an approval..This usually takes up to 2 years which most people cant afford to wait so they go back to work this is what the government wants you to do. The people that do wait get approved depending on their case (a good lawyer would usually know if you have a good case)..You are allowed to work while waiting but you can only make $200.00 per week..So if you can afford to wait the money you will receive is based on your disability date less 6 months. You will get a large check and then a check every month..I also get a check for my son as he is 14 that was also retroactive. I think it is ridiculous what they make sick people go thru but if you can wait it is well worth it in the end!
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  12. wildworld

    wildworld New Member

    I've never heard you can work while you have a claim pending; on the contrary, I've been told that if social security finds out, they will dismiss the claim. Where did you hear that? If it's true, a lot of us need to know!
  13. mrdad

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    Am I'm to understand that you are only five month's into
    your SSI claim? If so, the reality for most people un-
    fortunately, is that it can be up to a 1 1/2 year or more
    process. If you have exhausted your Cal State Disability
    Claim, have you thought about applying for some help from
    County Soc. Services?

    My belief is that if you attempt to work, Soc. Security
    will dismiss your claim. It's a 'catch-22'! What they
    are looking for is less your manner of illness and more
    as to why it stops you from the performance of any bona-
    fide employment. I found that it is usually 90 days in
    between the "standard" forms before the next contact by
    the SSA!! It's hurryup and wait!!! So sorry for you
    and others, but you are on THEIR time clock.

    Please see
    Best wishes,

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  14. balletdancer74

    balletdancer74 New Member


    Ditto to much of what the others said.

    I was denied the first time as my symptoms were described by SSI as "discomfort." lol I had to laugh and cry at the same time.

    I was also applying for LTD (long term disability) from work which would be 60% of my salaray), and I'm still waiting. It has nothing to do with my job but rather, the system.

    I was finally approved for SSI after two long years (many have to wait much longer, but I have a great lawyer in CT). I did have to go in front of the most difficult judge at an ungodly hour where I was barely awake (probably a good thing! ha), but he did finally approve me.

    It does help to have either primary or secondary depression or some sort of mental illness believe it or not. Since I have no depression, etc., it took me a tad longer.

    The most important thing as others have mentioned is to NOT GIVE UP! That IS exactly what they want you to do.

    I mean - I'm still waiting for the other half of my disability which is over six year's worth...They're delaying even though I will get it ... eventually. My lawyer doesn't get paid until I get everything.

    Just don't give up.

    Hang in there!

  15. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    I am into 5 months for SSI and a year for SSDI (been denied once, filed for reconsideration 6 months ago). I applied for SSI when my county counseling center suggested that I should even though I have applied for SSDI. Not only to having Fibromyalgia, I have been diagnosed for Depression and other mental probs that I don't wish to post about on here.

    In the state that I am in, CALIFORNIA, you can apply and be approved for both programs.

    For SSI it based on income guidelines and disability, and SSDI, is the disability insurance.

    My California disability ran out May of this year and I have been in hell financially ever since then. I can't afford to do anything to help me healthwise, and I can't apply for welfare as I live with family. Believe me, I have tried. My family is stuck so they are not able to help me right now.

    My due date of hearing something back is December 28th, for both SSI and SSDI. From there my next plan of action will take place from there.

    As for working while waiting on disability umm that is pretty much shunned from what I have been told. If you can work then you shouldn't apply for SSI or SSDI. I can't work.

    I miss working and I think about trying again but in reality my body can't handle it. My fatigue and pain is out of this world and I would never survive. I would more than likely make my system worse and end up having something than can kill me, and I don't want to get to that point with my health.

    So for now I will just need to hang in there. It just burns me and makes me angry at how quick they can tax and take away my money through taxes (Ms. Social Security) that quickly when I was working back in the day and now when I need help they can't help me and give me the run around. Sheesh LOL.

    Anyway thanks everyone.

    I will try to respond to all of you when I can. I have been having flare ups and my body is having a hard time with the constant change in weather out here.

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  16. stevie10959

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    I live in New York and was an auditor for 23years...I went on temporary disability after car accident 8/2003 as I could not sit at a computer or keep my head down due to ruptured discs in my neck...In Sept 2004 I started waitressing 2 days a week and made about $125.00( I could not do this full time).When I went before the disability judge in 7/2005 he asked me about the waitressing and I told him I could only do it part time but it was good for me to move around and that I could never go back to my career..This is called sedentary work I was approved 9/2005 and have been collecting ever since...I would advise you to check with an attorney as mine knew I was working..Also my claim was not only for fibromyalgia I had alot of other ailments maybe this is why I was approved..As far as I know you can work but can not make more than $200.00 per week as I did work & was approved!