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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 123sandra, Sep 9, 2005.

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    I've been in this 'flare'up now for nearly 6 months! My eyes have been driving me daft.
    I know we get dry eyes and like most of you was treated for hayfever until I was DX 2 years ago, but do any of you get re-occurent eye infections and cysts?
    I've had an eye infection since the flare up started and it's worse at night. I've just bought over the counter eye drops that have recently become available over here in the UK. They are an antibiotic but they're not shifting the cysts.
    Any body got a housewife remedy?
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    but here's general advice: are you trying to follow a relatively healthy diet? That would help. Also, between your illness and children to bring up (they can be hard work!) you are probably under a significant amount of stress. A depressed immune system and stress combined, each feeding off the other, can lead to styes etc..this can even happen to healthy individuals from time to time when batteries run low.

    Try to get more sleep (probably not easy with little ones!)

    Drink more water...the still stuff!

    If you use makeup and get an infection throw it away and when your eyes clear up start again with new stuff. Do not use anything oily around your eyes (like oiy creams, oily eye makeup knw the ones designed to remove waterproof stuff...these are loaded with silicones and oils and this can cause the problems you describe in those who are susceptible.

    use eye drops (preservative-free ones...I use Theratears and can tell you the optometrists I buy them from who do mail order, if you like). These will really help if you suffer dry eyes internally.

    Taking fish oils or flax seed oil along with borage oil should help your eyes too...good for all sorts of othe stuff! Borage contains GLA which will lubricate your eyes from within.

    If you drink alcohol cut back and if you smoke try to stop...if you want to go that far to see if that helps. My eyes are awfully bad and gomad after alcohol or exposure to smoke or air conditioning. But I have chemical sensitivity too, I think.

    I notice you are from Wigan...hey, I am from Liverpool! I am 30 but feel ancient!

    Hope this helps, Shelbo :)

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    My eyes have been terrible since I started this 'flare'
    I probably don't eat enough veg, fish etc. And believe you me I would LOVE to SLEEP. But it's not the kids that's stopping me , it's the DD.
    You cannot see the cysts like you can with a stye. They are tiny white dots. Last time I went the Doc's he told me they were cysts. I have 7 on the go this time! I DON'T drink, but I do smoke. Please don't take my only pleasure off me!! I very rarely wear make up, and it's not because I don't need it!! I only wear it if I'm going on a night out, and that's probably 1nce every 2 years!!
    I think it's time I went back to the specialist. I'm due another app.
    I am going to have another read at what you've written and see if a bit more of it sinks in!!
    Thanks a lot for your input, it's much appreciated.