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    i usually suffer with excess gas daily, but, since i been with this my alternative dr, within less than a month, which he has put me on different vitamins, i notice less gas daily.

    i also now notice that my stomach is making growling noises, and hardly releases any gas. has anyone been through this, i will take it up with my alternative dr on the 1st of next month, i cant wait.
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    Hi, street129.

    Excessive gas is a common problem in CFS. It can be upper case (belching) or lower gas (flatulence), or both. With regard to the flatulence, if it is more or less odorless, it is probably mostly carbon dioxide, which can be generated by a yeast infection. If it has a strong odor (rotten egg smell) it likely contains a significant amount of hydrogen sulfide. This is produced by unhelpful bacteria, likely sulfate-reducing bacteria. Lately this has gotten a lot of attention, since Dr. de Meirleir's lab in Europe has started offering a urine test for hydrogen sulfide.

    It sounds as though your doctor has put you onto some supplements that are helping the situation in your gut.

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    per the late Dr. William Crook. Probiotics (healthy bacteria) can be replaced using capsules or natural products like buttermilk, yogurt, sour cream, sauerkraut and Kefir.

    Esp after any antibiotic treatment, replace the probiotics daily.

    Also add in some zinc, says Dr. Teitelbaum, it helps the system work better too and is often lost in immune dysfunction.

    Bad bacteria makes lots of rotten egg smell (HS).

    I like Grapefruit Seed Extract for killing off the yeasties. Many great products can help kill off yeast, but it necessary to continuously treat for it as long as you have CFS.