question on guaifenesin/muscinex

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  1. I have had problems with sinus congestion, and was going to buy some muscinex, however on reading about it, it seems to be for cough and lung congestion. Does it also help sinus congestion and alot of thick mucous ? I know its used for fibro as I took it while it was a script.

    also can u still get it as a script as musinex is expensive, other than mailing it to Ca? Why does Ca only seem to have it as a script. FIBROFOG HERE?
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    guaif helps with sinus and mucus. My doc put me on it years ago and I should have stayed with it then.

    Can you get the store brand of muscinex? thats what I buy and its cheap.I cant get script as it is now over the counter. Are you talking about Canada?

    grapeseed extract helps with sinusis.

  3. the only kind GE I can find is with reverstrol (sp?) is this what you take? Jamin' you are so good with supplements! Where do you find all your info?