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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by s8vdbygr8ce, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. s8vdbygr8ce

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    Does anyone know how to go about getting on Medicaid or Medicare.I filled an application out.But questions on it were if you were i applied for ssdi.however not yet have i been declared. Then it saids to put your employers name. Now do u have to be working?Cause i lost my do u have to be 62 and over?

    I mean it explains just about nothing.

  2. AuntTammie

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    You can get Medicare after you have been on SSDI for two yrs.....however, the date that they use to determine this is the date that you actually are considered eligible for SSDI - sometimes it take a long time to go thru that whole process, but once they decide that you are going to get SSDI, they give you back pay based on the date that they say you became disabled (so if the process takes 18 months, they will go back and pay you for that 18 months.....and that earlier date is the one that they look at when deciding if you can get again if it takes 18 months to go thru the disability process, then you will have 6 more months to go to reach the 2 yrs of ssdi before medicare eligibility) I am just throwing out some random numbers, though....for some people the process takes longer and for some it takes less time

    as far as the time during that 2 yrs goes, when you are not eligible for medicare, you may be able to get medicaid, bc it is based entirely on income....and once you get ssdi and medicare (if you get them), then you may still be able to get medicaid in addition to them, depending on your income

    on your application, I would write that you are not working and are currently going through the process of applying for ssdi....and no you do not have to be a certain age.....disability can happen at any age - once you are older, though you will be eligible for straight social security....the only real requirement for ssdi (aside from obviously having a disability) is that you have to have already worked a certain amt and paid into social security a certain amt (they base the amt they pay you on how much you have put in)
  3. AuntTammie

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    if it is at all possible for you to hang onto COBRA or some other kind of insurance in the interim between now and possibly getting medicare, I would do so (state insurance, ie; CHIP can be decent, too, but that really depends on your state).....medicaid is great in theory, but in practice it is really hard to find a Dr who will accept it....I would still say that it is worth getting if you can, though, bc if you ever have to go to the hospital or ride in an ambulance, it will pay for those and most hospitals and ambulances will take it

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