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    I know a man who is 3/4 Native American (Cherokee) and 1/4 basically when he's wearing full gear for a ceremony, he still sounds like he's fum da bronx.

    After his WW2 service, he studied under a Cherokee medicine man for most of post military life, He's seen alot, knows alot more than I ever will. In fact his life story has been translated into 23 languages, but he remains on the reservation. He calls and we comes the question which 2catsmom made me think about

    He says, once a body is pollutted or accustomed to western medicine, it will not heal properly with 'natural' alternative remedies. Like should cure Like.

    I heard a slightly different version of that idea while living in egypt. in egypt medicine is sold otc by a pharmacist and people come in and explain their most private ailments at the counter what hurt or leaks
    and the druggist can give him medicine he feels will cure him...i brought some very popular antibiotics and skin cream. T brought them to a pharacists here and askedhim to check the compound ingredients. He did and came back luaghing in arabic. He asked why if they were prescribed for me an I said yes. He told me dont waste my because meds in te middle east are actually rarely, even in a metropolous as egypt.
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    I was about to post a message asking where and how you are now.

    I guess I'm worried that, with my penchant for cheap humor, I may have been a bit insensitive with the "normal day at office" comment.

    I look forward to your accounts about the happenings in your office, and, of course, Boo and Boo Too. Anyway, very good to hear from you.

    Probably one thing that herbalist are better at than Western medicine is in favorably combining medicines.

    Patients can come in with 10 daily meds......I just know that these unique combinations have never been tested together before.

    Cheers, your mr Bill
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    I couldn't make any sense of your story about meds in Egypt. Is the last sentence right?

    I know I have brain fog; very likely you do too.

    Who is this Cherokee medicine man? Can't be any issue of confidentiality if his bio is circulating in 23 languages.

    Regards to Boo and Boo 2 from Huckle, Mama, Tommy, Sheba, and the rest of the feral cats here.