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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by GARY700, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. GARY700

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    I was courious as to how your dr's handle refills on meds like Qxycontin or Avinza. I know in michigan they can't have refills so you need a new prescription every month. If I'm lucky enough to get my doctor to try one of these meds and it helps i'll have a hard time getting the wife to get off work every month to take me in just to get a refills, we live 3 hours aways from the dr's.I guess that should be the least of my worries I just need to get the pain under control,and everything else will work out. Any input how this works will be helpful thanks Gary
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    I'm there with you! It's very hard to get the drug let alone enough to last a substantial amount of time. I live 10 min from the doc, but have 4 small children, specialists to see as well & have been very sick for the last 3 months. I'll give you a hint. As my doc was reluctant to prescribe extended release oxycontin. I just started goint to a pain clinic who disagreed with her..they said you have less chance of becoming addicted on extended release. I was going in & out of pain all day on the percocet. Last few days have been much better. Plus you need less pills, I take one in am & one in pm. They last 12 hours. I highly recommend the switch. There came a time when I just had to sit my doc down & say you're not giving me enough, so we both do the math together ! It's hard to approach them sometimes, but if done in a kind way, the doc should understand. I got so frustrated I ended up crying & breaking down in her office which seems to be a regular occurance now. She finally understood I could not take care of my 4 young children & they were the ones truely suffering! 100 percocet would only last me 12 days or so...That's how often I had to go back to her office...I was getting pretty tired of it. Good Luck, Laura
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    I am from Canada and we have the same laws. I have a good relationship with my rheumatologist. When she was handling my pain meds what she did was post date a rx. for me so I had 2 months worth. I don't know if you have that kind of trust. Or are they allowed to fax in a rx. to your pharmacy. One of the first things I learned was one doctor and one pharmacy and then they get to know you and you don't get into trouble plus in Canada it is illegal to deal with more than one of each with narcotics.
    All the best.
  4. sfrazier

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    I live in Iowa and am taking Avenzia. It is a 24 hour release pill so you only have to take it once which isn't bad. The only problem is getting the dosage right for you so your not in pain. I go through a pain clinic and have to go in every month to be seen and to get a new script. My doctors office is about an hours drive and since I can't drive real well anymore I have to have my mom come up to get me to take me to the doctor then to take me home and then she goes back home. For her that is a 4 hour drive plus the wait in the doctors office. I sometimes think that we with this DD feel more guilty about asking our loved ones for rides then we have to be. I guess that is why they are called our loved ones........SueF

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