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    HI.. Hopefully you all will be able to give me some insight.. I am 48 y/o female who has been having pain. The most extreme is in my hands.. My left hand hurts at base of thumb and base of 1st finger. It aches alot and I have pain when I try to pick things up (say pulling a heavy binder out of a file cabinet) my right hand hurts but not a s bad.. but will definitely ache if I do writing for too long r someone shakes my ahnd. ALso they will hurt if I hold a folded magazine open to read.Kinda like when my fingers are in a pincher type hold.
    Also alot of time I have a general malaise type feeling. Where I feel flu like but am not sick.. My whole body is sore upon waking and again anytime I get up from sitting at desk too long I am stiff.
    A little background (I have had my thyroid removed after Multinodular cysts on it-negative for cancer..:) and have been on levothyroxine since. I have never felt really good in the three yrs since so i wasnt sure if the achey feeling was from my meds being off or perhaps some type of arthritis. My dad did suffer from arthritis and gout and had some very bent fingers.

    Any thoughts?? Should I make appt with a rheumy to see if its arthritis or maybe go back to my endo to see if my meds/bloods are off or is it just getting older?. Dont see my primary for a few more months..
    Sorry so long.. apologize if I went to long or in depth for this chat.. just looking for some help.. thanks in advance
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    Hi Janice. ProHealth provides no doctors to respond to you, so here you receive responses from members just like you. Keep that in mind and know that your doctors have your medical files and history and remain your best source for your medical health and treatment.

    The medical insurance policy I am on wants annual full physicals with lab work otherwise they may refuse to prescribe medications or renew prescriptions you already have. I hope that is the same with you because there are advantages to this in finding problems early and comparing labs from previous years. If you have been getting annual physicals, gather those lab results/tests from the past few years for any specialists you may be seeing.

    I had carpal tunnel in my hands very bad and the pain was at times tingling. It was so hard to type. My doctor told me of this good specialist that was a hand surgery specialist, but was fantastic with everything about the hands. That specialist held my hand and did something and recreated the pain. He diagnosed me with carpal tunnel and put me in a hand brace that made such a difference. At night he had me at home doing a full routine to help my hands and I forget whether he had me icing my hands or moist heat or a combo of both, it's been a while. But the brace was fantastic and he had me take breaks at work, and I had to look at my work cubicle and change some things to make it better for me--like chair height, monitor screen height, keyboard height and more. He helped so much.
    I don't know when your last checkup was with your doctor that diagnosed and treated your thyroid cysts and deemed the thyroid had to be removed (endocrinologist??), but you may want to get another appointment and take any labs/tests you have from prior years. It might be time to let the doctor re-examine you to determine if the surgery area is still doing okay even after this time, to do labs to find out if there are problems and if the medication is still properly working or if medication adjustments are needed or if another medication may work better. If everything turns out well, then talk to that doctor about where he/she may suggest you go next for help as the doctor may have some suggestions for you. Get copies of the lab work to take with you.

    The thyroid removal was an important surgery and there can be medication adjustments even years later. I had a goiter in the 70's and the endocrinologist found I also had hypothyroidism. He treated both successfully, but it took a full year before he was satisfied that I was stabilized on Synthroid (which is the brand name of what you take). I must have testing every year for my thyroid levels because they can change with any number of things. Amazingly, every time I have moved to a different state (that had radically different climates), my thyroid levels changed and my medication had to be changed too.

    I have had very severe stress over the past 6 months with events in my family and just had a really sad event happen in July, and with medical ailments-- my thyroid level was off and medication had to be changed again. So I have to go back in September for another re-test to see if the new level of meds is okay. That's just the way it works. Please understand that the correct level of medication is really important. I wish you the best and many hugs. Good luck.
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