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    Hi all!! I just got in from my Rheumys office,I had some bloodwork done 2 months ago.Todays she's having me repeat some of the bloodwork???I'm not sure why?.....but I coulda swore I heard her mumble that my last ANA was possitive,and she wanted to better screen me for Lupus~
    I don't know what a poss. ANA means....What does ANA stand for?Currently I have FM,raynauds,IBS,and endo. Thanks for all replys!!!
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    ANA stands for Antinuclear Antibodies. It is a test for Lupus, Sjrogens Syndrome, and some others that I cant remember the names. Your ANA can vary from week to week so she probably wants to still see if you are positive.

    If you do a search on the words ANA and Lupus on this site and the web you will probably find alot of info.

    Hope this helps.
    Sandy (FF)
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    Its at the bottom of the page already!!and NO answer!!come on- with all these smarty pants on this board??!lol
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    was positive once for the ANA lupus test. I tested very low (thank you Lord) around 25. They tested again and was negative. This is one of those tests that is not conclusive. The Lupus screen is based on many critiera. Butterfly rash around cheeks,eyes, nose. ab normal cells in urine, arthritis, sun sensitivity, mouth sores, seizures, low white count, low platelet or anemia. along with a positive ANA. unless you have a few of the other symptoms I would not worry about it.
    good luck,
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    Judy, I just saw the abnormal cells in urine thing. I am wondering if you know what kind? I just got a copy of my labwork today which shows a positive ANA 1:80. I was 1:160 prior to this. There is something about my urine screening that when you mentioned this a lighbulb went off in my head.
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    I'll search lupus....I tried using ana in the search and only 3 things came up~ Take care!!