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    I"m in need of some help for our step grandson,he hasA.D.D & A.d.h. well he was on meds and the Drs took him off for the summer.
    his Dad wants to try a more natural way.they"ve tried fish oil but didn't notice a difference,but maybe they didn"t give it enough time.

    I remembered something about resue remedy and wonder if anyone knows if this can be used for children or where I can get more info on it.

    thanks sixtyslady
  2. caroleye

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    We've been using Bach Flower Rescue Remedy for many, many years on us, and all our animals to "calm". But it is temporary. e.g. it works mostly on the emotional body

    The biggest "natural" approach to ADD (at least here in Calif) is biofeedback or neurofeedback, where they balance the brain chemistry.

    I've been doing it for some time, and the changes are amazing. In fact, had a session yesterday.

    Key to this is finding a very experienced practitioner.
    They've been doing this for kids for many years.

  3. caroleye

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    If you google Bach Flower Remedies & e-mail/phone them, they'll send you a questionnaire that helps pinpoint which of their remedies best suits you.

    Rescue is the most popular, but there may be others more suitable for you.

  4. kbak

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    You can use rescue remedy on kids, but I don't think your going to notice any difference. For the ordinary person it just gives you a suttle difference in how you feel.

    I have a granddaughter with neurological problems. I wouldn't give up on the fish oil because it's really needed by anyone with neuro problems, but again I don't think your going to get the miracle they promise.

    It's a very tough road. Anyway you can change a kids diet is helpful, but again hard to get cooperation. We did 1 thing that worked for a while. We gave her natural lithium oratate. It's not the synthetic form of lithium that has to be monitored by a doc.

    You can get it in the health food store. The natural mineral doesn't stay in your system so you don't have to worry about toxicity. That did really improve her for a while. Then it didn't work as well, I'm not sure why. Worth a try tho.

    I wish you and your grandson all the best!

  5. sixtyslady

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    well, I guess I"ll keep researching, and see what I can come up with.
    I"m sure there has to be something other than drugs to help these kids.
    hope I can help them find something its affecting the whole family.


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    About a year ago, several board members were using a tea for ADd/ADHD and for themselves to help with sleep, bi-polar, anxiety, don't remember all what.

    It was TAZO brand and it comes in several varieties. The one people were using was called CALM. It is sold at Starbucks, by the bag, I believe for something like $2 or $3. I have also seen it my the box in SuperWalmart for about $6 or $7. Has a lot of calming herbs. I have no idea who did the post, but I will search a bit and see if I can find it and will bump it if I do, so keep an eye out. Everybody who was trying it had very good things to say about it.

    Just found one of them and bumped it. It is by WakeMeUp.
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    I think I'll look for the tea.

    and stormy do you think they could get a kid to drink the shake, will see if they will try it for him .

    thanks everyone, will let you know how it goes/
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    Would you use the same amount of flax seed in the shake for children as for adults?