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    Froggfog, what do you mean- I am slow.
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    Hi lafont
    I'm new here and I can only tell you from my own experience what I know. I won my first time out because I had been hospitalized and own antidepressants. After I got approved I went off. I do have depression but the side effects make me feel worse. Two years latter they found me not disabled because I hadn't been to any doctors and no medication. I went for reconsideration and to many different doctors and went back on medication just before my hearing and was re approved. So I would say probably you do need to. Also as for as attorneys you only need one if you go before a judge. You can have any representative you want to go before reconsideration. I can only say if you want approval do your research and go to lots of different doctors or just doctors like one of them is going to cure you if you can find the right one.
    Best of luck!
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    Thanks froggyfog for bumping me up!
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    Thanks Mollybee07 for that info.
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    Why must one be on antidepressants to be approved for SS?

    Please respond. I am rather panicked by this thread. Maybe I need an antidepressant (ha ha)

    Thank you. I am applying in two days. Responses needed!
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    I'm sure there are lots of people that get ssd without antidepressants but they do tend to look at the medications you take as a way of saying how sick you are. How much and what kinds of medications. All I know is I was approve twice when I was on medication and once when I wasn't.
    Best of luck to you.
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    I think I was on antidepressants when I applied--I really can't remember. But I would think if you are on several medicines they would see you are ill, whether it's specifically antidepressants or not.

    As for the lawyer, I would not wait for another rejection. I had a lawyer from the start and won on my first try without going in front of a judge myself. I don't know if I would have gotten it without him and I hated giving up a cut of my back money. But I am glad I had him because he did all the legwork for me. My job consisted of going to see my doctors, keeping them up to date on how I was feeling, and asking for their help by putting everything in their letters that SS needed to decide my case favorably. He did everything else and I just signed releases for him to get all my information. I know without him I would have been stressed and made sicker by all the pressure to get everything ready.

    Hope I helped a little, pat460
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    HI lafont--
    the issue on antidepressants is that is the first treatment MOST docs will try for fibro, not so much for depression (although when you have been waiting for a hearing for years, it definitely sets in!) but to do something with the brain chemistry--too spacy today to remember what! That is why most judges expect it if you have been treating for fibro. (besides that -we are all crazy women anyways--just ask any of them at dis. co.!!)

    Regarding waiting on a lawyer--some new laws went into effect in August of 2006 that LIMIT ones appeal rights (From the way i read it, anyway) so if it takes a lawyer to get it on your first try--GO FOR IT, because there might not be a second chance! (read for yourself on ssa website, i hope i have read it wrong, but i don't think so!)

    there is a lawyer mentioned on here (jonathan ginsberg, atlanta) who answers emails and gives advice via internet radio presentations who is VERY INFORMATIVE, google the name and check him out, really good info.
    Good luck--L
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    I too have wondered about this? The problem lies in not being able to afford medicine without the SS check. I was denied 1st time around but did retain a lawyer for appeal and am still waiting for the appeal. In the mean time I had a serious accident which left me unable to use my right arm very much so this has added to my claim. I was put on Methadone for pain, which caused me to sleep walk and I fell down the basement stairs breaking my arm in 2 places and crushing my elbow. It would seem like the pain meds alot of us are on alone would be grounds for disability.

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    I had down that I took prozak, but if they looked at the prescription they wouldsee that it was only 20 mg to help with PMS.

    I couldn't find a lawyer who would help until after the second appeal. However, in talking to one she sent me a 6-page document for all my doctors to fill out. I think it helped me win SSD on the second try./
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    Thanks so much for info, it helps me to know how to continue. Been trying to get better the natural way, have spent a ton of money- at the end of my rope- need money -support to continue to find answer to this FM. Your right olelefty- if you are not allready disabled, you will be after all the meds.Some of the best medicine is just being here, to have others who are in the same boat and understand and have a good laugh with what some of you say!
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    I applied the 1st time in 2003 and was turned down up to the time of reconsideration, I didn't have an attorney, but was on a ton of meds. Antidepressants (I actually have major depression), pain meds, muscle relaxers. I did not reapply until after 6 months, so I had to start again. Same situation with meds and attorney until denied for reconsideration. Now I have had an attorney for about 2 years and they are waiting for the hearing. I don't know where anyone else lives, but in Ohio it takes up to 2+ years for the hearing. I still don't have a date yet. During the whole process, I have seen all the doctors I am supposed to see. I had to move in with my mother after having my own household for 22 years. So as I wait, my depression just worsens. I have broken my right leg and had surgery on the left knee, so my ambulation is even more messed up. I am 45 now, and if this isn't approved, my SS retirement won't be effective until I am 72. That is a lot of years ahead of me .