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    Darn I was looking for an icon that looked like a knot, anyway to the subject I'd like to ask if others have unbelievable cramps that hit withot rhyme or reason? I've been getting terrible leg cramps at all times of the day and night also my hands kinda twist up and lock into place so that I have to use the other (if it's not busy too) to pull the fingers apart. It's hard sometimes when I use a fork and/or knife and they'll twist when I push down on them to use. Is this a part of this DD to? Sure is embarrasing when eating in front of others or going into wallet to pay and there goes the twisted hands (got real strange looks that time when untwisting). It'd be funny in a movie maybe but not so dealing with it. Just thought I'd ask you guys because there's a fountain of knowledge amoung you. Thanks in advance Overwhelmed2
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    an occaisional leg cramp, but nothing like you mention with your hands.
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    I get terrible twisting in my hands too and also have to manually "smooth" them out. My doctor told me it's because I'm double jointed along with FMS and MPS. I'm sorry I don't have any ideas how to ease the pain or make it stop. I treat it like arthritis though. I take anti-inflammitories for the MPS and that helps some. Also, when it's really bad for some strange reason if my husband squeezes my hand flat including my writsts in his as hard as he can it relieves the pain for an half an hour or so. Sometimes, I use Icy/Hot on them. Wish I could be of more help. :)

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    Have you tried supplementation with Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium? If not, take about 1,200 mgs. Calcium Citrate, 400 mgs. Magnesium Citrate and 99 mgs. Potassium daily, in divided doses and see if that doesn't help. It may take a few weeks to work.
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    I have just begun to have leg cramps, esp at night. The doctor order physical therapy and the therapist put hot towels on and put a TENS machine on my leg. My symptoms have been in my knees, legs, and hip as well as ibs and having problems with concentration. Most of my pain is under control due to meds I'm taking.