Question on Treatments—Immune Response Modulators

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    Does Dr. Nicolson have any thoughts on treatments? What would he recommend for "modulating immune response by suppressing viruses"?


    We usually recommend some general immune enhancement products that generally stimulate the immune system, but it is up to patients themselves to determine exactly which product is effective and best for them. There seems to be a wide variance in the usefulness of these products depending on the individual and the product. Immune modulators are usually useful for infections, and most CFS/FMS patients have multiple infections.

    We also recommend some more specific immune modulators, such as transfer factors. Using transfer factors as an example, there are dozens of transfer factors on the market, both general (made for multiple bacterial and viral and even fungal infections) and more specific transfer factors made for specific infections. As an example of the latter, there are transfer factors available for various viruses and bacteria. Unfortunately, many of these are probably not relevant to CFS and/or FMS, but there are certainly some that are very relevant to the types of infections found in these chronic illnesses. Another unfortunate fact is that some of the commercial products are completely useless and seem to be offered simply for profit.

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