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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Acomtha, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. Acomtha

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    Has Vioxx been discussed here? My doctor wants me to take Vioxx, but I see in the list of side affects that it increases ones chance of heart attack, among other things. Is anyone taking this and what do you think about it?

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  2. NewEnglander

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    Hi there
    I was on vioxx for a year or so and It really worked for me and I was happy to have it. It really helped and the side effect of one for me was just a little dizzynes, it took a little while to get use to it, but it worked well at just 25 mg. Then my pain got a whole lot worse (nothing to do with the vioxx) and they gave me 50 mg... well it made me really weird. I was so hyper and kept talking and then it wore off but didn't help my pain.. I really liked it at 25 mg and I think it is worth a try. I was comfortable with it and I'm a chicken when taken new pills I just got to sick and had to move on.
    God Bless
    hope it works
  3. healing

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    Acomtha, I was doing just fine on 12.5 mg of Vioxx/day although I don't think it was doing all that much for my inflammation. Then my doc doubled my dosage and I started retaining fluid -- 10 lbs in 3 weeks! He took me right off Vioxx and I've been off ever since.

    OTOH, my husband has been taking 25 mg. daily for over 3 years now with no problem.

    Go figure. Hope it works for you.
  4. debbiem31

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    but I had abolutely no luck with it. It didn't even touch the pain. Hope it works for you though!
  5. southstars_tat2s

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    I am on Vioxx 50 mg a day. My doctor originally put me on 25mg a day,but I broke my foot and he upped it. I cannot tell the diffrence from Vioxx and say excedrin.I know it does not touch any of my pain at all. It might as well be a sugar pill. But I take them anyway,just to show him I am tryingLOL
  6. Bellesmom

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    so far it is the only thing that has cut the constant headache I have had for almost 3 years. I do not like taking it but even aspirin has side effects and so I try to ignore what I know it says they are. I also take Premarin which has some of the same side effects. It does bother me a lot but when I tried to take anything else for the headache it just did not work and this headache is an awful thing.

    The Vioxx does NOT touch any of my other pain and I have it everywhere - legs, feet, neck, back, arms, fingers, toes = you name it. But I have tried Bextra, Celexa, Elavil and many others in combo - altho no narcotics yet and they all make my body react very badly so I think I am stuck unless another doctor I am going to see in May tries me on something else.

    Good luck and it does take a while to kick in so if it doesn't affect you badly in any other way and you think it's not working just give it a while. I just take the 1 pill a day, 25 mg.

    Hope you find something that works as everyone seems to be so different. You will find that this is a very helpful message board for just about any question you have.

  7. Acomtha

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    I have Fibromyalgia, and for the last several years just took pain relievers when it got too bad. But the last several months it has been so much worse, that I can hardly do anything. Yet, my understanding is that Fibro' isn't life threatning where as medications can be, especially if one reacts adversely to the meds, or causes life threatning things such as heart attacks.

    I'm not sure that I want to alleviate a non-life threatning condtion by taking meds that could be life threatning. That's what I have to decide. Is it worth the risk.

    I already take premarin, and have high blood pressure some of the time, don't want to make things worse.

    Thanks again

  8. Bobbette

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    Hi all, I was using vioxx for about 1year for buldging disc in my lower back for pain and it was working just great I even felt less pain all over from the fms then OH BOY! I started having sever stomach pains first dr. thought it was IBS but not that> I started to pay attention to what was happening and it was right after taking my vioxx the pain would go through my intesine and I would know exactly where it was by following the pain. Stopped taking it infact I gave it back to the nurse practioner I told her what happened and she can have it I don't want to see it. It sure did the trick for allthe painall over but the back pain will take a miracle. I now take bextra and that seems to help but the vioxx was the bomb until it messed with my stomach, I always take my medswith food unless it says other wise. But for yuo this may work. Be careful and pay attention to what happens if your not feeling any better. Good Luck Bobbette