Question on Virus...Immune System ???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bunnyfluff, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. bunnyfluff

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    There is something I just don't understand and maybe dncnfngrs or someone can help me with understanding this better.

    If my immune system is in *overdrive*, and I never catch any cold, flu, etc., then why does it allow EBV to come forward and proliferate?? What mechanism is "broken" that allows that to happen?

    Even when I went to the Dr., she looked at my blood and said that usually she would reccommend that people with EBV, etc., try to boost their immune systems, but that mine was in great shape, acutally that I probably felt worse b/c it was seemingly attacking everything. So, why can't it kill the EBV?? If you have been keeping up w/ my posts @ all, I have had active EBV readings over 2500 ( pos > 120) for 6 months, technically now I also have "chronic EBV", a DD unto itself besides CFS. My CFS was fairly mild and controllable before this happened.

    I had tried several courses of anti-virals to no avail. If my immune system isn't low, what else is there??

    Thanks for any input that helps me understand all of this.
  2. bunnyfluff

    bunnyfluff Member

    It gives me some great info and some stuff to google today and get started. :) I knew you would have some answers!

    I HAVE to get better than this. This is not working for me, if you get my drift. Although I have both FMS and CFS, I was enjoying a fairly "normal" life most of the time. I have taken great care to eat well, get rest, exercise as much as I can, etc. So, it has been really frustrating to be this sick for this long.

    I have also read that turmeric will not allow EBV to replicate in several medical journals. (!?!) I guess this is available in pill form? Has anyone used that?

  3. meditationlotus

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    I can't explain the technical stuff, but I can say that many here have claimed that various "transfer factors" have helped to regulate the immune system.

    Also, increasing glutathione in your body is supposed to help overcome these viruses and bacteria.

    Jucing is helping many people. Foods such as kale, broccoli, beets, etc., not only contain glutathione, but contain nutrients that your body can use to make it's own glutathione. Taking supplemental glutathione doesn't work as well as "reduced glutathione" ( I think that is what it is called.)

    I've just started juicing, and am slowly introducing these juices to my body, gradually increasing the amount I consume. I'm convinced that all the many nutrients and anti-oxidants found in such a concenstrated form (vegetable juice) can do much to heal our bodies. It's worth a try.
  4. obrnlc

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    hi dcn, i have wanted to follow these posts about immunity and antivirals, etc, but they are so far over my head (i once was a very intelligent person--pathetic that it has to come to soldiers and cannonballs now) that i haven't been able to follow so many of you on here.
    thanks for simplifying it somewhat so my shrunken little brain could participate, i really appreciate having some understanding now.
    like i said--i really used to be intelligent, honest!!

    thanks so much--L

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