question on work at home and diagnotis hosp.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by countrygirl, Apr 1, 2003.

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    You know this web site really needs an icon of an animal in a trap frantically trying to get out - at least that's how I feel most days.

    Anyway, I posted this the other day and didn't specify my questions in the title, so got no answers.

    First, question. Is there anyone out there who has given up their regular job and is now working at home at their own speed? If so, what are you doing? I need to do this and don't know what are real "jobs" and what are scams. If you have had success, please let me know. I just need to make enough to pay a few bills.

    Second question - has anyone gone to a diagnostic hospital and gone through the testing process. I am told there is a place in Houston that takes you off all your meds . and then brings in specialist to diagnose your different problems. Just wondered if anyone has done it and with what results.

  2. Dayle

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    would be telephone soliciting. I did work part time for a printing firm that just wanted to keep track of who recieved their fliers.
    If you are creative maybe you could sell your art & crafts. I hope this is some help.
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    All I can suggest is Ebay...I've always been a "pack-rat" (and grew up around antiques & collectibles) so that's what I started doing a few years back. Helps free up some space in the house, and it beats trying to hold a yard sale in the rain. Half & Ebay help pay the car insurance, and some of the other bills for me.

    Now...if I can only part with half of the treasures I find at those yard sales/flea markets....that's the problem.