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    For the past 3 months, I have had very serious bleeding. I finally visited my gyno and he had me keep track of how often, was it normal, exceptionally light or exceptionally heavy my periods are. I mean, what difference does it make? I'm actually bleeding 30 days of the month whether it be normal, light or heavy!

    I believe in one of my past post, I informed you all that my gyno gave me a shot of hormones to stop the bleeding, but I continue to bleed and it is starting to worry me. The gyno states that he may have to go in and check for indemitriosos, (spelling?), and I am really getting fed up with this. I've already had ultra sounds and a lot of other tests which, just like the hundreds of tests I took prior to be diagnosed for Fibro, come back normal. The gyno also informed me that I AM NOT going through pre-menopause.

    I have another scheduled appt. with the gyno next month and all he wants to give me is another shot of hormones, which has not really helped me or my sex life for that matter. My poor husband.......I mean, I may have to BRING OUT THE MARSHMELLOWS!

    Hey speaking of sex....does anyone have any home remedies for a great afrodegiates (spelling), besides finding a young stud outside of my marriage? :)

    Anyhoot, is anyone suffering from this or can this be just another condition of Fibro? I'm to embarrased to notify the Rheumy of this condition, but I'm hoping that maybe he can shed some light on this.

    Any suggestions or advice?

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    I had the same problem when I first started my period-to the point that I became anemic. About 2 years later I was so irregular that I couldn't keep track of how often, how long, or how bad I was bleeding. My PCP put me on Birth Control Pills. They have helped trememdously! I mean, I know that I'm still just a young-un, but it's an option to consider. The BCP's have also helped with sex drive for me, b/c b4 I had no desire whatsoever to have sex! And that's odd when you're in your teens! I'll be 21 in November though. I have found though, that I get really bad mood swings right before and during my periods b/c of the BCP. And a lot of fluid retention. Anyways, just a heads-up for ya! Hope it helps!

    Friends in Fibro,



    Thanks for your response!

    When I was in my mid twenties now 42, I used to take birth control pills...the only set back with BCPs for me is that I'm really bad at taking pills and I always forgot to take then.......and you know what happens when you forget to take your pill?

    How many days are there in a week? :)

    Maybe it is the lack of sex that is making our muscles and joints painfully stiff? Hey calm down....just kiddn' :)

    Hmmm....could fibro fog have been kickn' in without my knowledge in my mid twenties? And how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootie pop? The world may never know.

    Lots of Love and Hugs
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    I had the same problem when I was in my mid 30's. Sometimes so bad when I stood up, the blood just ran out! Sorry if I'm grossing anyone out. I was really scared. Had some tests done - can't remember name of most of them. One was when they put the scope through your belly button. Doc found I was full & I mean full of endometriosis. It had my ovaries plastered to my pelvic wall, F.tubes were stuffed full, even the little tube (can't remember name) that goes from your bladder to kidney was covered. So I ended up having a hyster. Do you get severe cramps? I did just about every day of the month along w/bleeding everyday of the month.

    My doc never gave me hormones so I can't comment on that.

    So now about 13 yrs. later I start having cramps again - talk about the pits. After 2 ultrasounds they found a piece of one of my ovaries still in there. Even a piece remains a living organ/tissue/whatever & it decided to give me problems. Now it's under control - only periodic cramps. Thought I was done with all that crap! Sheese!

    So your doc may be on to something with the endo. It can sure cause problems, I know that.

    Good luck to you & take care......Kathi


    Yes, I do have at times serious cramping but again, with this hormone shot, I at times have heavy days and sometimes I only have discharge material. I'm not even sure if getting hormone shots is really a good idea cuz I feel that I'm going totally against mother nature cuz there's really no way for the body to release this "toxin" if you will, if the releasing process is somewhat stopped with hormones.

    The doc also informed me that at my next visit if he sees nothing that leads him to believe I have endo, then I may, as you did, have to have a masectomy...(spelling?)

    I can't see your post while replying Kathi, but I believe you said that they checked you for endo through your bellybutton? Did they put you under for this procedure?

    Oh Boy, what have I got myself into this time? :)
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    I had the same problem after i had my 4th baby(emergency cesarian) that i just didnot stop bleeding for 5 months in the end i had to have a Historectomy because it was making me so weak,i was 29 years old so i have had no periods for 12 years its brilliant providing you dont want any more children,and no excuse fornot having sex unless your hurting of course, some people think you would feel less of a woman because your womb has been removed. thats total rubbish i dont feel any diffrent in fact i hated periods so im pleased i had it done
    Loopyloo x

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    I stand to be corrected. This must be a good day for me cuz I find soooo many things funny. In my post, I noted a sentence which had the word, "masectomy" and I still put in parenthesis, (spelling), when in reality it should have read historectomy. I'm not sure anymore which word is the correct word.

    Anyhoot, I hope that you all have a great day! :)
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    I really can't remember about the belly button thing but I THINK I was out for it. I know I had several stitches in my BB afterwards - hurt worse than the hysterectomy!!

    I don't know if you have children, but when I had my hyster. we were trying but God didn't see fit to make that possible, so when I had the hyster. I really took it hard. It might not be a big thing to someone who has children but to this day I mourn the fact that I never got to experience childbirth. I would gladly put up with the monthly stuff again if I could (Sorry was interrupted) have a chance to have a baby - even at my old age!! :)

    There definitely is something wrong & if I were you I'd keep bugging the doc & if he doesn't give you answers you might consider another doc. I do hate changing gyno's. I just had to caus mine quit private practice due to the high malpractice ins. Not too happy with new one.

    Anyway, good luck.

    Take care......Kathi
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    They put me on a high dose of progesterone for a couple of weeks. Then they wanted me to start estrogen. I was not thrilled. Especially when I read Christiane Northrups' latest book on menapause. She said sometimes estrogen will make it worse! So I started taking primrose oil and my cycle evened out. Still have the bad cramps, but atleast it is back to a monthly event! I also disagree with your doc. You are at the age, that you could be dealing with perimenapause. I started it at 35! And the blood tests are not that reliable. Read her book, before you do any surgery!!! Hope this helps. -Karen
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    This may sound stupid, but if you want his attention and to bring out the umph in his hump. Make him wait, tell him that you aren't going to do put on the moves anymore. Most aprodesiacs are mind things anyway, so unless you both take them thinking about about sex (with each other) pouring some african liquid into his drink at dinner ain't gonna do nothing. But good romance inhibiting foods are chocolate, vanilla, oyters, whipped cream, Strawberries, and all things that remind you of sex. If all else fails make him sit and watch while you slowing suck-down a popscicle.
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    Eaten in any form or manner that's desirable...

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    I would definitely say find a new GYN. This is not good at all to be bleeding like you are and so much. I would not do the shots either. You could be enemic(*SP) from so much bleeding. My mom and my aunt did this and they did a hysterectomy. I have adenomyosis and they are willing to do the hystercomy for me too. I bleed heavy for 10 days but I could not imagine the length that you are and for so long that you are doing it also. Did you have your tubes tied? My sister said they are now finally warning women that this is a side effect to it. Now that we both have had ours done and this is happening to both of us there has been enough research done to prove this is a side effect to it.
    Good luck with everything and hope you will get a second opinion.
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    It went from bad to worse. I ended up having a hysterectomy, but prior to that I was bleeding all month long, and extremely heavy. I couldn't even leave the house and pads were useless, had to use heavy terry cloth towels. I had fibroid tumors, and contrary to what some will say, mine were malignant. I know lots of people don't believe in hysterectomy's, but for me it was the best thing for me. No more cramping, heavy periods, mood swings, all gone!!

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    my mom had something like this...she had a 90 day period. she was bleeding so much that she became severely anemic. they put here on a quadruple dosage of birth control to regulate the bleeding. soon after this she had a hysterectomy to get rid of her fibroid tumors. one of the tumors was the size of a grapefruit.

    her periods were extremely heavy. one doctor said "you are just under stress." it was insanity, she soon found another one that got those fibroids out, thank goodness.

    i wish you luck with all of this.




    No, I've never had my tubes tied and since my last child, who is now 23, I've never taken any kind of birth control nor have I ever gotten pregnant. My husband did however have a vasectomy in 1995. Oh he would kill me if he ever knew I posted this. This is our little secret. So within the 15 year period, 1980 to 1985 I never got pregnant.

    What I have noticed lately is that when, oh back in the days when I was full of life, when my husband and I did "get it on," I noticed that my husband would break out in blisters on his, "you know what." We both went to the doctor to run some tests and the tests came back normal for herpes, and all the other types of vaginal diseases. What the doc told us is that I am ALLERGIC to my husbands' sperm. What a crock of sh**! We've had several tests because I thought that maybe, just maybe, my husband was being unfaithful to me and let the record show, he was not, but my body was discharging something pretty strong for it to make him blister like that.

    Since the onset of this DD, 8 months, and the fact that I bleed/discharge for 30 days of the month, we have not had sex so I have not noticed any more blisters

    Go figure. :)



    It's so good to hear from you. I've been thinking about you and reading your posts. But you know with this DD, sometimes it takes a lot just to read and other times I just can't stop from reponding. Hehehehehe

    Chasteberry? Yes, I'm TOTALLY interested in this. I'll try anything to get that sexy person of me back out in the open. I mean, it's gotten to the point that I feel like I'm sleeping with a brother. NOT LITERALLY FOLKS!

    I have the "sex" ooo la la, in my thought process. If I could only get the body to agree with the ooo la la. You know it's funny how the body and the mind have a "mind" of it's own. One part is saying, "Oh, when my husband gets home from work, I just want to hold him and caress him and make whoppie all night long!" Yeh right! Then he gets home and I take one good look at him, I say to myself, "Wow, I'm going to take care of business today!" Then my body says, "Hey, where do you think your going and what do you think your going to do with me?" So, instead, he gets peck on the cheek and I stay seated in my recliner.

    This is just to funny!

    As for the IUD? I had an IUD placed when I was about 17 years old. Go figure this.....It had given me so much problems with my periods cuz I could actually feel it tugging my insides with my mentrual cramps, that I had it removed when I was 18. Then guess what? Sure enough, not even months down the line I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter.

    Oh well, please, please, please let me know about the Chasteberry LifeDancer and where I can get it.

    Lots of Hugs,
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    I do have another question for you. That whole thing sounds so strange to me. have you ever broke out in those blister type things? I am also wondering did the Doc actually see these when he was broken out? I feel so bad for you but i would truly think about going to another GYN just for a second opinion. That has to be terrible to live with sweetie. You have to get something done about all of this though.
    My thoughts are with you.


    That's the odd part. The only thing that I get is the feeling of burning down there, but no blisters. Yes, we have both gone to see the doctor when he has his blisters and I am also checked. The doctor tells me to use some vaginal cream and that should take care of the problem.

    I mean, it's embarrassing enough to see the doctor the next day after you've had sex, don't you think? Just so the doctor can recommend some vaginal cream and tell us that we should use condoms because I am allergic to my husband!

    I'm wondering if his vasectomy has anything to do with it? The gyno is so much aware of this but does not see how this can affect us.



    Primrose oil! Where can I find it? How often should I take it? How much should I take?

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    In fact I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of us were. It's an autoimmune reaction. Your body thinks something is invading you....which it is!!!!!!! But causing blisters??? I never heard of that!