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    Hi, this board seems to get more attention than the Lupus board. Since I am not certain what the dr is going to tell me, and I have been told so many different things, I thought I would try this board.

    I have been told that I have Fibromyalgia, CFS, Lyme, Lupus, mixed connective tissue, etc... I really have not had any firm diagnosis'. I hear "It is probably this, or probably that, and we just treat the symptoms." Well, this has gone on for years, about 15 years. Every 3-4 years I get very sick, and as the years past, each relapse of 'whatever' gets worse and worse. More symptoms become apparent.

    My most recent blood work results came back with a very high ANA (1: 2560 ). My Anti-Ro and Anti-La also came back positive. They also did the DNA test (can't remember the exact name) and that came back negative. I am steering towards lupus now. I have an appt with the rheumie next month. Has anyone been diagnosed with Lupus with those positive blood results? Does the DNA test have to come back positive for them to say Lupus? Curious to know others experience with similar results.

    I read that the anti-Ro and anti-La are tests they do for Sjogrens Syndrome. Well, my eyes have been one of my top complaints, they hurt all the time. My other symptoms are muscle aches, fingers and toes hurt,knees hurt, extreme fatigue, sun sensitivity (ugly bumps if i am out in the sun on my chest and arms).........and I have three herniated discs in my neck...............

    Any input would would be greatly appreciated.........

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    It might be that you have to settle with the right doctor, preferably a rheumatologist. Mine differentiated between diseases and determined it was FM.

    I can not stand people who are really in bad pain, as I have bouts of that every day in varying degrees.

    Please do your best to get a really good doctor. You might have to wade through them, but there are some really out there.