Question re: colon cleansing.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by twerp, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. twerp

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    I've read a lot of postings here regarding detoxing/colon cleansing, and the various ways to achieve that. My question is this - what is the difference between those methods and simply drinking a bottle of that liquid (can't recall the name right now) they make you drink before undergoing a colonoscopy? That stuff sure seems to clean you out!

  2. fullarmor

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    I've had a colonoscopy (and major bowel surgery) and have had colon cleansing. The stuff you take before a colonoscopy is a harsh chemical that cramps you up terribly, makes you nauseous, and has a huge risk of dehydrating you. The point of it is to clean you out entirely, so the scope can see of course. :) But a colon cleanse is much more natural and safe. It just uses water, and instead of cleaning out everything, it cleans out the last 5 or so feet of the colon. I felt terrible after drinking that stuff before the colonscopy and my surgery: dizzy, nauseous, cramped, weak, dehydrated. After the colon cleanse I felt great. I just don't like putting nasty chemicals into me that make my body mad. That's why i've always opted for the colon cleanse. That's my take on it. :) Hope this helps!