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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by kimberly236, Apr 23, 2007.

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    Hi again. I just thought of something. There is speculation that some of the symptoms of CFS are actually caused by an immune system OVER-activation. I think that is certainly possible. If so, could taking transfer factor be harmful in that case by stimulating an already over-active immune system? And how would one know if the "herxing" symptoms are actually the illness worsening?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. I'm not asking for medical advice, just some different thoughts and perspectives. :)

    Thanks again,
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    I must have an overactive immune system since in 20 years I have rarely caught any "flu or bug) that is going around.

    I have spoken to Michelle Dopson who works at the Chisolm Biological Lab where alot of the targeted TF's are made. We talked about this very thing. She said that TF is a memory transfer. It doesn't upgrade or downgrade the immune system in any way.

    If you think of a new mother breastfeeding the newborn, she is giving the baby her colostrum which contains her immune systems "memory" of how to deal with the pathogens that she has come in contact with during her life.

    That is what we get with Transfer Factor. About 1949 it was discovered that cow and egg's colostrum was able to be transfered to humans.

    My sister's DIL just had a baby born 6 weeks premature. He is doing well. But the advice was, if he cannot breastfeed, then give him the formula made from cow's milk cause it transfers directly. And, be sure to NOT give soy cause it causes alot of allergies if given too soon.

    Alll this to say, there have been some people who have had bad reactions to the TF's. If you decided to try the tf,
    the TF Essentials does not target and is milder and might give you a better sense of whether or not you could benefit from it. I, myself, started with 4 Life non targeted and could tell that it was doing something positive for me.

    Here is Michelle's phone number if you want to talk to her 1-803-663-9618. She has worked with TF's for a long time and knows alot.

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    Wow, thanks for the response. LIke I said, I am so new at this stuff. I guess I could try the TF out and see what happens. I would feel more comfortable starting with a small dose and going up, though I would like to get the targeted one since my EBV numbers were SO high.
    Do you think Michelle would mind talking with me? How did you come to know her? Could I say I got her information from you?

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    No, Michelle likes to talk to people about TF's. She knows alot...tons actually. But you know, we are a different group than other sick folks and some people have not had good responses.

    I got her number off a package that Mycoplus was mailed to me in :) I guess it was included for the FedEX people.