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    Has anyone out there who has Interstitial cystitis ever experienced bleeding with this condition? I thought that I had it, as I had UTI's with no infection...never had any blood though (sorry, I know it's graphic) doc thinks I still have IC, but I feel different now, and nothing I have read about IC indicates blood in the urine...can anyone share what they have experienced??? By the way, I have had a complete hysterectomy, and my tests for an infection in my urine came back negative... Thanks...Denise

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    Bumping for Denise.,eZ
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    i have ic--the only blood i have with it--is just dried blood from the lining of the bladder that every once in a while is in my urine--- some dark little specks.
    the only time i have blood in my urine is with my bladder and kidney infections.
    when did you have your hysterectomy? i had mine 21 years ago, and i have been sick ever since.
    actually, that is when i fibro started also---it was called fibrositis when i was first diagnosed with it back then.
    i only have one ovary left.