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    I have been on disability for about 2 years now. My Father-in-law just got awarded SSI. He wanted to know how far back they go with the payments. I know on my disability they went back to where they found I was disabled, went forward 5 months and then started payments. I think if I understand correctly they only wait 1 month for SSI, but am not sure. I have also heard they will only go back 2 years at the most for SSI. Is that true? Would appreciate any info. Thanks.........Billie
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    Doesn't anybody know the answer to my question?[This Message was Edited on 03/13/2003]
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    and they have that info on there if you're patient.

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    Sorry I can't help.

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    I have been to the website, but wasn't able to find the answer to my question. Maybe, I wasn't looking in the right place though. Thanks for responding....I will keep bumping....Billie
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    I can't give up a Good answer, but here's mine,
    SSI is for old people, SSD is for the Disabled.
    Was he on SSD first or is he getting SSI because of his age?
    I can't recall if my Mom had to wait when she changed from SSD to SSI, I don't think so.

    My Father in Law lives in Idaho, he was on SSDI, then when he reached the age of 65, they just Rolled it over to SSI, he had a reduction in his Monthly Income.
    When His wife, my M-I-L, turned 63 she got her SSI, she had to apply for it, but they didn't go back any number of years and award her any monies. I think they onlydo that with SSDI.
    In Ca. it's the same, also the website at ssagov sucks, I still am having problems getting answers to certain questions, and try calling someone, they say leave your name and number and we'll call you back, When? is what Iwant to know.
    Medical is trying to take my Mobile to pay for my Mom's Medical support. Excuse me, I'm Disabled also and this is my Home. Now I have hoop's to jump through, and I'm stressing so much I can't get things done.

    Hope you get some answers Billie, you live in the PNW? so maybe it's the same there as Idaho.

    God Bless you and have a Painfree Day,
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    I was not able to get SSD (social security disablility) because I had not worked enough to qualify. So they gave me SSI (supplemental security income). It's less.
    Hope this helps.